About Jenn


That's me, Jenn Morgan.

I call this photo my Steve Jobs homage. Some have told me that it's too austere. Either way, I love it because it represents my tenacity. I know what it's like to be someone with a vision that no one else understands and what it takes to persevere. 

I've built Radically Distinct to help you communicate your vision clearly, deliver your message confidently and present your brand powerfully. 

I love to empower my clients to better market themselves and their businesses so that it's easier, meaningful and fun to do so. 

Need some brand power? Call me.

Jenn Morgan, 206.972.5366


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Jenn Morgan is a brand designer, marketing strategist and Founder/CEO of RADICALLY DISTINCT, LLC. 

  • 15 years’ experience designing, managing and producing marketing communications for business.
  • Produced campaigns for hundreds of brands including Chrysler Jeep, Coca-Cola & Netflix.
  • Designed campaigns for executives and entrepreneurs in a dozen countries. Clients include Foster Pepper, PLLC and JorgensenFM.
  • Host and Producer of Radically Distinct Radio and Radically Distinct TV.