Jenn Morgan, Radically Distinct Co-founder and Director of Brand Strategy

Jenn Morgan, Radically Distinct Co-founder and Director of Brand Strategy

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Jenn Morgan is an American entrepreneur, who does business in the day and standup comedy at night. Originally from the working class suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, she has made Seattle her home for the past 10 years.

Jenn Morgan has worked in partnership with Derek Blagg for 10 years. Together, they are Radically Distinct, a creative communication company based in Seattle Wa. Jenn's pioneering spirit loves to finesse ideas into duplicate-able concepts that Derek meticulously drafts into design systems. They've worked for Diet Coke, U.S. Postal Service, Chrysler Jeep, Ford Motor Company, Boost Mobile, Quicken Loans, and many advertising agencies.

Ad work:

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Jenn got her first big break in business when she was just out of art school. When most were writing resumes, she wrote a business card, "Jenn Morgan — Helping you make ideas real." She landed her first contract with Advertising Photographer Scott Lane and ACME Photoworks when she presented her creative portfolio on a CD that played a slide show on a PC or a Mac. It wasn't clear to her which system her clients would be operating on, so she decided to be prepared for both. She beat out 15 other higher qualified applicants from prestigious photography schools around the world with her foresight. The automotive advertising industry was just about to transition from shooting 8x10 film to digital. While many studios had made the move, none of the location catalogs had. Jenn was the first assistant photographer and digital tech on the first automotive catalog shot in digitally on location and eventually the first complete cgi catalog. She worked with the software company and established photographers to create a safe and methodical process for the onset assets.

For 3 years, Jenn traveled with Scott's crew around the country shooting Jeep and Ford catalogs.

She fell in love with the west coast and moved to Seattle. Where she attempted to leave advertising. But ended up working with the Seattle-based photographers helping them transition the retail industry to digital photography. Working with the in-house teams of Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer and REI.








Working with Derek Blagg to build a advertising photography portfolio as independent contractors for another 5 years while escaping to the mountains to rock climb and road bike in the beautiful Cascade Mountains.



Six years ago, Jenn was drawing diagrams of a futuristic way to communicate. One in which people would all be seeking their own unique space in the world. It looked like a bunch of light brights being plugged into a globe.


Time to stop playing in the mountains and put on a business suit. She started taking direct sales and marketing trainings from entrepreneurs all over the country.


That future is now today. Jenn's brand mindset training is based on her experiences working with entrepreneurs and leaders around the world, helping them to strengthen the clarity of their vision, create a method to their madness and claim their unique position in the world as a powerful brand. blog post:

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Five years ago, Jenn realized she's going to need to educate the public about the changes that will be coming because of technology. However, she had zero speaking skills and was completely incapable of speaking on a stage. She took a bunch of trainings in direct marketing, stage selling, and improvisational theater. Today she delivers a 20 min stand up comedy set, a member of the award winning Improv team, Half Sister, and she's spoken about confident communication and brand leadership on the stages of National Women's Political Caucasus of the Pacific Northwest, Small Business Association of Washington, Intellectual Ventures Women's Mentorship Circle and Price Waterhouse Cooper's Women's Affinity Network. And, she's has just launched The Jenn Morgan Show on iTunes - first show about finding your voice:


She'd never have made it this far without a powerful business partner by her side. Derek Blagg, Radically Distinct Co-founder and Director of Design, is the voice of reason and skilled in the art of efficiency. His creative portfolio is much more than an aesthetic, it's a way of life. Derek believes we are all becoming master organizers of our time and space, able to focus our work by design.


Radically Distinct is a creative communication company based in Seattle, USA that helps forward thinking business leaders lean into their competitive edge and bring life to their visions as a powerful brand. Production teams are composed of creative consultants around the world and built based on client need.