Jenn Morgan, Marketing Consultant, Brand Expert, Radically Distinct LLC
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Increase Your Power to Produce Consistently Unique Results

More than a clever logo, a powerful brand is an individual or a group who knows the unique value they bring to the table, have the skills to clearly position their point of view and can effectively influence others to champion their ideas.

Like cutting a diamond, brand consulting uncovers opportunities to illuminate your brilliance so more people are attracted to you and what you have to say. Jenn Morgan’s consulting programs are like a strategic think tank that helps you individually and collectively evaluate the merit of your ideas, customize your strategy to generate engagement and produce results that give your brand a competitive edge.

Some of Jenn's recent results:

  • Dream University’s Wealthy Visionary event — Wrote the value proposition for the $10K Meaning Institute program that generated $2M in sales the first year.
  • Vision Quest Consulting, Leadership Development for Top Talent — Redesigned their ten person sales strategy for the Simmons Leadership Global Conference and quadrupled the results they had made the year before. Focused the marketing message for the contracted media team enabling them to secure the CEO, Wendy Capland, a monthly leadership column for Globe and Mail, regularly featured expert in INC magazine, and articles in Fast Company, and O Magazine.
  • Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at a $3.2B biopharmaceutical company — Reinvented her personal brand of leadership and elevated her executive presence as she stepped into her new position as SVP, helping her to stop trying to prove her expertise, own her authority and relax into her new role as a trusted advisor. She completely transformed her interactions with higher level executives and have extra time and energy to build the brand of the regulatory department.
  • Financial planner for a major publicly-traded, asset-management company — Reinvented his personal brand and created a communication strategy that expanded his network, increased his confidence to speak in front of groups and put an extra $30K in his pocket in less than three months.
  • Creative entrepreneur with 40 years experience in business — Created a word of mouth campaign that booked her solid in two months and generated a steady stream of clientele for three years.