Jenn Morgan, Marketing Consultant, Brand Expert, Radically Distinct LLC
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Need to generate more revenue in your business?

Here are four ways a brand strategy puts money in the bank.

1. A brand strategy increases the effectiveness of your sales process.

Whether it’s inspiring employees or shaping your marketing campaign, a brand strategy helps you focus your message so it grabs your audience and motivates them to take action. Here are two case studies illustrating how I helped attract and convert new business.

2. A brand strategy makes you more attractive to potential clients.

A brand strategy helps you tap into the passion that drives your work and find the words to express your value when marketing yourself. When others can see and feel your passion and you can communicate your value with confidence, more people are inspired to engage with you and refer you business. Here are two examples of how I helped service professionals boost their self-confidence as marketers and fill their book of business with word of mouth, networking campaigns.


3. A brand strategy saves you time and builds momentum.

Your marketing program needs two things to be successful: organization and focus. An effective brand strategy helps you organize your efforts around your current marketing assets before adding on new tactics that do not directly connect to revenue goals. Additionally, a brand strategy focuses your messaging around your unique value from your customer's perspective. This makes it easier to make decisions about what marketing mix will attract the right leads to grow your business. Here are two examples of how I helped entrepreneurs organize and focus their brands to launch their businesses.


4. A brand strategy gets you contracts.

Whether your work within a corporation or are an independent consultant, you are the CEO of your career. A brand strategy will help you stand out from your competition and shatter your own personal glass ceiling by transforming the way you show up in the business world. Personal branding gives you the words to articulate your value, the confidence to charge what you're worth and a strategy to play to your strengths. Here is a case study outlining how I helped a client transition her career and create the success she desired.