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How to Re-align Your Status and Level Up Your Career

Summary: When you master your expertise, you are naturally more intuitive and innovative with what you can accomplish. But, if you’re an independent professional, this adjustment can make it hard for you to attract and speak clearly with prospective new clients without undermining that expertise. This is a story about how Jenn helped a chiropractor re-align his status and up-level his career with a brand image that portrayed him as a leading-edge professional.




Before working with Jenn, Dr. Richard Allen was a chiropractor with a message he couldn’t quite explain. He had been a chiropractor for over three decades, but over the years had transitioned from the traditional technique and began incorporating deeper healing and counseling into his practice. He was having near-miraculous results with patients suffering from Crohn’s, Lupus and Fibromyalgia as well as depression, chronic fatigue, anxiety and allergies.

As he built his business in this new way, both he and his clients struggled to put into words what he was actually doing to improve their health. The term “chiropractor” didn’t quite capture it anymore. Even his business card failed to reflect his professionalism. His existing clients had found him by word of mouth, but he was finding it difficult to gain new ones. What’s more, he felt he was giving away too many free sessions to help people understand what he did. He needed help identifying his brand so that his existing and potential clients could, too.



Struggle with self promotion? This 5-week brand strategy webinar helps women become their own best brand manager. Learn more here.

Struggle with self promotion? This 5-week brand strategy webinar helps women become their own best brand manager. Learn more here.

Jenn assessed Dr. Allen’s case and determined that the problem was that he had developed two different types of clients — clients that needed help healing their bodies and clients in the healing profession who needed help sharpening their skills. Along the way, he had even stopped using the words “chiropractor” and “Dr.” to describe himself because he felt they did not reflect what he actually did. Jenn showed Dr. Allen that by doing this, he was diminishing his status in the healing profession. She told him that he needed to redefine his personal brand and claim his title as a doctor, so he could differentiate himself from the other healers out there and continue to mentor them as clients.

The other problem Jenn assessed was Dr. Allen’s business card. They looked unprofessional; were printed on cheap paper with a giant blue heart on the front. One of his best clients was a member of the original Facebook executive team -- a wealthy guy with many friends who could use Dr. Allen’s help. But there was no way he was going to hand out that cheap looking business card to his buddies. Dr. Allen needed a visual identity that matched his professional status, that his clients would be proud to share with their friends.



Take your career to the next level or launch a new business with the help of one of Jenn's coaching programs.

Take your career to the next level or launch a new business with the help of one of Jenn's coaching programs.

Jenn coined the term “Chiropractor of Consciousness” to better describe Dr. Allen’s services.  She helped him redefine the way he spoke about his work and articulate more clearly what he does, making it easier for people to understand. Working with a graphic designer, she created a visual representation that was both modern and classic, setting Dr. Allen apart from other healers in his industry and making it easy for his corporate clients to pass along his cards.

As a result, potential patients at networking events started seeking him out based on the promotional materials Jenn created and actually waited in line to speak with him. This make-over changed Dr. Allen’s brand image from an ordinary metaphysical healer to a mainstream, leading-edge kind of chiropractor, treating the entire person – mind, body, emotions and spirit.  His new upgraded identity allowed him to stand out from his peers. Not only did he gain new clients, he was also able to raise his rates. And, his top-end clients were excited to pass out his new cards.


“It was incredible. People really understanding what I could do for them, walking around with my postcard, seeking me out, and then lining up to work with me. It was just as I always imagined it could be. Jenn helped me to see it doesn't have to be complicated."
—Dr. Richard Allen, DC

What if you build it and no one comes? For so many years, I was trying to market a service and product geared toward women who wanted to get pregnant. But I was way ahead of the curve and I didn’t even realize it. Read the story here.

it's PERSONAL BRAND is a 5-week webinar designed to help women showcase their talent in business.

Jenn focuses you in on your unique perspective and teaches you a way of thinking about your brand that gives your career a competitive edge. Learn more about the training here.

The Transformational Power of Knowing My Brand

by Jeanne Supin

After 20 years as a successful organizational consultant, I had come up against my own glass ceiling. Though I loved my work, I was nearing retirement and wanted the final chapter of my career to be more profound and fulfilling. I was taking a series of workshops in my search for answers, but coming up dry. I knew I wanted to expand my business and I was open to change. But what? And how?

I met Jenn at a sales event while wrestling with this self-analysis, and within a week we began working together to identify my unique value. We asked this question: As an organizational consultant, what is my particular expertise? What makes me radically distinct from my peers?

As a consultant now accepting consultation from someone else, I was not the most cooperative client. I often joked, “I don’t like having done to me what I do to others!” But through a series of exercises over the next few weeks, Jenn saw right through me.
I discovered that I’m not just an organizational consultant – I consult about change. My expertise and strength, lay in helping executives, their teams, and their organizations design, execute, and flourish through change as they expand or merge into larger, better organizations.  Jenn describes me as a lightning rod, grounding the people around me as they lean into, adjust to, and then harness the storm swirling around them.  

Within months of working with Jenn to identify my unique value as a change guru, I hit my stride. Almost out of the blue, a Los Angeles company engaged me for a lively, one-day training session about change for all 400 of its employees. And for the first time in my career I was booking my trainings 12-18 months out. What’s more, I’m making more money, have other consultants marketing my training, and am able to take two vacations a year. I’ve written three business and change-related curricula and books, which I’m now turning into eBooks and submitting to publishers. And I launched the first of a series of online programs about taking – and actually enjoying – radical leaps.  

Most importantly, I’m happy. I’m more excited, energized, and fulfilled by my work than I’ve been in years. I love what I do. I love my training participants and I’ve found new inspiring colleagues – all of which I never expected at this late stage in my career. Jenn is an astoundingly great coach. I tell everyone that she was essential in helping me create my own transformation. 

Jeanne Supin, Boone, NC
Change Management Guru


"What’s more, I’m making more money, have other consultants marketing my training, and am able to take two vacations a year."

The Secret Ingredient to a Thriving Business

by Janet Brewer

For so long, I saw myself as just another stylist and I wasn’t happy. I had clients who had been coming to me for years --- decades in some cases -- but I felt my business was stagnating and I was on my way out.

A new restaurant had just opened up next door, transforming our once derelict block into a new and vital part of the Ballard neighborhood. It was clear to me that the key was Internet exposure and I wanted to understand how it worked and how it might impact my business.
The graphic designer I hired estimated it would cost between $15,000 and $20,000 for photos, graphics and web design. I was looking for a photographer to take high-end photos of my best work and was referred to Jenn Morgan.

Jenn was direct. She told me that I could certainly pursue the Internet idea and end up with a beautifully designed website, with snazzy photos. But a new website without a strategy that I have the skills to implement, she said, won’t create business results. I would spend a lot of money for a makeover that didn’t generate new clients.

She probed and plotted, recognizing that my talents, as evidenced by a loyal client base, went way beyond just styling hair. And she forced me to contemplate the answers to questions I never thought to ask myself: “Why do my customers keep coming back?" Jenn told me the answer to that question could be leveraged as part of a strategy to bring new clients through the door. A strategy that I could easily do with my unique skill set.

Jenn helped me realize that more than a hair stylist, I am an artist who thinks of hair as the canvas that frames the most beautiful part of a person: their face. This new way of recognizing myself was exciting and gave me new confidence and passion to grow my business.  Jenn pointed out that I already have a captive audience for marketing myself; those loyal customers in my chair for hours at a time. With the right message, they might just help me fill my appointment calendar.

Jenn designed a word-of-mouth campaign called “a recipe card for great hair,” which highlighted the unique way I think about my clients' hair. Then, she had me share the card with them as they sat in my chair, sparking conversations about their experiences as my clients and about the type of client I enjoy working with. This got them thinking about who among their friends and family they would refer to me.

“Janet Brewer: Your Secret Ingredient for Beautiful Hair” became my trademark.  And when someone complimented one of my clients on her hair, she’d respond, “I have a secret ingredient. It’s my hairstylist. You should go see her.” My clients distributed the recipe cards to friends and colleagues. And the strategy paid off.  

I was able to leverage my loyal client base to bring new ones through the door.

In two months, I was booked solid and within a year and for the next two years, I had to stop accepting new clients, referring them to other stylists. Three years later, I moved my business to a more prestigious neighborhood in a new salon, where many clients followed. Jenn led me to fall in love with my business and it’s been eye-opening to see myself from my clients’ perspective. For the first time in three years, I have openings in my schedule and I’m interviewing potential clients to determine if we are a good match.

I no longer think of myself as in competition with other stylists; I feel like I’m in a league of my own. Promoting myself has become a natural extension of the experience I create for my clients. I never would have guessed that communicating my unique value is the secret ingredient to a thriving business and the key to feeling fulfilled in my work.

Janet Brewer, Stylist and Color Specialist
Schedule a consultation , 206-235-6230


For the first time in three years, I have openings in my schedule and I’m interviewing potential clients to determine if we are a good match. Call me. Let's talk about your hair.

For the first time in three years, I have openings in my schedule and I’m interviewing potential clients to determine if we are a good match. Call me. Let's talk about your hair.

“Janet Brewer: Your Secret Ingredient for Beautiful Hair” became my trademark.  And when someone complimented one of my clients on her hair, she’d respond, “I have a secret ingredient. It’s my hairstylist. You should go see her.”
"I no longer think of myself as in competition with other stylists; I feel like I’m in a league of my own."

Bringing My Vision To Life As A Powerful Brand

by Julie Pierce

What if you build it and no one comes? For so many years, I was trying to market a service and product geared toward women who wanted to get pregnant. But I was way ahead of the curve and I didn’t even realize it.

With a background in holistic health and a troublesome fertility journey of my own, I understood that before a woman can move from the desire to conceive to motherhood, she first has to recognize and heal conflicts and learn to love herself. In this process of healing and learning, the body can regain its natural fertile potential and be receptive to any needed assistance in the reproductive process.

I had developed a website around this concept, had a successful blog with a strong following, and was offering fertility coaching for women. Many who would be potential clients were locked on a single focus: getting pregnant now! Their interest in whole-body-soul healing was minimized because time was ticking and they often believed if they could just find the right person, drug, or procedure to fix their bodies, then their pregnancies would manifest. I know because I was one of them.

I was at an impasse: I was offering a sustainable solution, not a quick fix.

By the time I met Jenn, I was losing money and hope. She quickly assessed the problem: I was trying to sell preventative health care to women who were not open to seeing the bigger message their bodies were sending. I was so busy trying to conform to other people’s vision of what my business should be, she told me, that I couldn’t see how far ahead I was of everyone else.

She told me my ideas were cutting edge, but until I could clearly articulate them, no one would be able to understand or receive them. This was the gap between me and my potential clients. Jenn helped me see that if I wanted to close the gap, I needed to position my brand as a leader and educate my market around a whole new way of managing health.

With Jenn’s guidance, I discovered that my real passion is in teaching women how to confidently be the masters of their health and wellness. Working with her, I developed a stronger conviction around my original idea and I gained more confidence in educating people about why they needed what I was selling. I learned to stop concentrating so much on what people wanted to hear but rather to focus on the strength and value of my own point of view. Jenn and I worked together for a year and finally she said time was up. We needed to stop talking about ideas and put them to market.

Together, we  clarified my vision and developed a marketing plan for turning the company into a resource center and conduit to my products and services. Julona was born—inspired by Bona Dea, the Roman goddess of women and healing, worshipped exclusively by women—and built from the ground up to fit the new image. Jenn and her team designed an online presence for Julona across multiple platforms, including strategy for the blog and social media. She created a publicity kit and coached my performances as I pitched my business in front of the camera. “As I began to see this new vision take shape, I thought OK, I’ve landed. Let me drop anchor and get off the boat.”

I still offer fertility coaching as part of a broader focus on health and wellness management, using a methodology of “self-health” care, empowering women to understand what their bodies are telling them, know what they need, and confidently collaborate with care providers. I feel more authentic and true to my passion. I can now see the difference between where I want to take my clients and where they are. It’s easier for me to connect with them.

My promotional materials and website, Julona.com, now reflect my personal brand, which encompasses my expertise for educating women about managing their health and wellness goals. My brand is a testament to the broader vision I have for Julona as an organization. I’m clear about the direction of my business and able to slow down and make thoughtful decisions about the right action for my business. I’m more confident than ever about finding creative ways to grow my brand.

Julie Pierce

Health Management Expert and Founder of Julona



"Jenn helped me discover that my real passion is in teaching women how to be the leader of their health care."
“As I began to see this new vision take shape, ‘I thought OK, I’ve landed on the planet. Let me drop anchor and get off the boat.”

Step Into the Market with Confidence

by Erin Lau

Erin Lau, Founder of Erin Lau Design & Author of Drawn To Garden, is a Landscape Designer and avid sketcher living and building her business in Seattle.

Erin Lau, Founder of Erin Lau Design & Author of Drawn To Garden, is a Landscape Designer and avid sketcher living and building her business in Seattle.

I'm a Landscape Designer in Seattle and I've been running a successful design practice for the past five years. Even though I was able to get enough clients to create a wait-list for my services, there were things I needed to tweak to help me to use my time more efficiently and increase my earning power. I also wanted to heighten my profile in the industry and create a blog that would reach a wider audience. I had tons of ideas of what to do, but I was struggling to figure out which ones to take action on and in what order to proceed.

Jenn helped me to understand my pricing structure, and find ways to increase profits without changing my entire business. She gave me tips on how to go about creating my blog, DrawnToGarden.com, and how to leverage social media to my advantage. Sometimes, after having been in your business for several years, it's hard to see what makes you stand out- Jenn helped me to see the unique angle that I could bring to my blog and business that will help me stand out within my saturated industry.

At the time, I was also preparing for a large gardening convention, and Jenn worked with me on my elevator pitch, my delivery and strategies to get potential clients to engage. Several visitors to my booth ended up purchasing a design consult on the spot and over one hundred people signed up for my newsletter.

The convention ended up being a huge success as I not only networked with numerous potential clients, but also met several influential bloggers, magazine editors and industry leaders. They helped me generate a buzz at the event about my new illustrated coloring book that drove at sales, secured more publicity and eventually sold out via my website.

Jenn served as a knowledgeable sounding board for my various ideas, gave me her honest feedback, and helped me make executive decisions on how I wanted to move forward. Working with Jenn helped me to launch my blog and sell out my new product with confidence. Plus, I now have another potential revenue stream, a blog that is very "me" and a plan for increasing profits over the next few years. There is a list of other tweaks and strategies I have yet to implement, and I'm excited to undertake them because now I feel reinvigorated about growing my business.

Erin Lau, Seattle, WA

Founder of Erin Lau Design & Author of Drawn To Garden

Need help preparing for your next big launch?

"Plus, I now have another potential revenue stream, a blog that is very "me" and a plan for increasing profits over the next few years."
—Erin Lau
Buy your Grandma and Mother one of her illustrated coloring books (I did).

Buy your Grandma and Mother one of her illustrated coloring books (I did).


How personal branding helped me launch my relationship coaching practice.

By Gemini Ferrie


Summary: Gemini is a relationship coach with no prior business experience. Working on her brand with Jenn helped her focus and get discerning with her time. Within six months, her conversion rate reached 80%, she quit her other jobs and began working full time on growing her practice. She doubled her income in her first year. Read her version of the story below.


The Challenge:

I was in the middle of two business training programs and swimming in a sea of ideas. I had big dreams and lots of information about how to rev up my relationship coaching business, but I felt aimless and ineffective. And while my website was getting a fair number of hits, it wasn’t generating any real leads. The few low-paying clients I had were not bringing in enough revenue to justify leaving the paying jobs I had to leap headlong into this business venture. I was having a really tough time perceiving myself as a business woman and I needed help putting all the pieces together in a way that would make my business work.
I met Jenn at a sales training course and talked to her about the things I was struggling with. She determined that my target market was too broad and that I was spending a lot of time talking to too many people who weren’t really serious about getting help.


The Solution:

The first thing Jenn did was help me figure out how to identify my ideal customer. She helped me develop a questionnaire and showed me strategies for sorting out the serious ones from the time sucks. With that ideal client in mind, Jenn and I redesigned my website to generate leads and created an opt-in email strategy to capture and nurture those leads into sales conversations.

 Jenn taught me how to track my conversion rate, which was under 20 percent when we began working together, and how to improve it overtime. She gave me a structure to implement and a process for how to measure the results I was getting, learn from them and improve on the results. Essentially she helped me customize basic business strategies into action steps that I could easily understand and accomplish.

Jenn helped me to think about myself and my business as a brand and showed me how to evaluate the creative and strategic merit of my ideas and make my own decisions. She didn’t just dictate actions that I followed like a zombie.


The Results:

I gained confidence in my ability to make good, practical decisions and it became easier for me to get and retain clients. Within six months of working with Jenn, my conversion rate grew to 80%, I was able to stop working all those part-time jobs and focus full-time on growing my business. I made $60K in my first year.


Two years later: After some major upheavals in my life, I contacted Jenn because I was feeling stuck and needed to refine and reinvigorate my business. Jenn conducted her brand assessment to evaluate the state of my business. She taught me how to assess my client relationship building progress and how to look at each relationship objectively to find areas where I had successfully pulled in the right client and instances where I had pushed them away.

We worked together to tighten up my niche market and developed a new front-end, targeted message on my website homepage that reduced my bounce rate by 54 percent: “I help women stop wasting their time trying to change every man into The One so they can fall in love with the Right man and be treated like the Goddess they are.”

Working with Jenn again launched me into action and got my creativity surging. I was focused and excited about my business once more. I have found my authentic voice. Now I know exactly what to say. Jenn isn’t just a business coach. She has wisdom and intuition. She looked at my whole being – my business and my personal life -- and then used all of it to help me improve my company. Its holistic business coaching and it was precisely what I needed to gain clarity, feel energized and get back into action.


Gemini Ferrie, Relationship Coach, Los Angeles, CA



Hook, Line and Sinker

Why a brand strategy is an expert communicator's best kept secret.


Summary: When you're launching a communication business, you've got to have your shtick together. That's why the best communicators always work with a brand strategist to get their message straight. This story illustrates how a message strategy helped a communication trainer break into the corporate market to launch her new business with a $20K first sale.



Patty had just completed her doctoral thesis on how miscommunication impacts a company’s bottom line. She had written a book on the subject. And as part of her effort to land new corporate clients and build a bridge into the market, she had created a powerful, cutting-edge message aimed at CFOs: Clear communication saves money and increases profitability. Her doctoral thesis was built around this theme. But this expert communicator’s message was falling on deaf ears. She lacked a strategy to engage her audience. Patty needed a hook to get their attention.



After meeting and talking with Patty and hearing her pitch, Jenn recognized the misalignment right away. Patty had aimed her message at the wrong audience. It was HR professionals, not CFOs, who make initial decisions about training. HR directors are focused on developing human capital, not financial capital.

Jenn crafted a new message relevant to this target audience: “Empower your people to be profitable...” Then she reworked Patty’s talk for an upcoming speaking engagement where she was to present in front of an audience of HR directors. Here is how she set the bait: “How many of you enjoy reading resumes and filling jobs?” No one responded. Of course they didn’t. The least attractive part of their job is hiring and firing people. Then she said, "my clear communication training helps you retain your best employees and negotiate with your CFO better." She had their attention. The rest of the presentation Patty described how her communication training keeps people productive and make the company more money. By the end of her presentation she had ten new business leads.




But now that she had them hooked and was making proposals to win their business, Patty had a different problem: how to reel them in and land the first contract. Before they would hire her, the directors wanted references. Since this was a new training program, she had none. Patty could deliver what she was promising. She had no doubt. What she lacked, however, was the ability to articulate that to these potential new clients in a way that would convince them. So her initial instinct was to discount her services – thus discounting her value. Jenn reminded Patty that her experience as a Dale Carnegie trainer and years as a university professor, more than justified the price she wanted to charge.

Jenn helped Patty respond to their reference request by positioning her experience and explaining that while her client list was confidential, she could arrange for them to speak with colleagues, professors and even students with whom she had worked.

She nailed it. She signed her first training contract at $20K and launched her new business, Clear Communication Institute.


Could you use help generating revenue in your business?

A brand strategy helps you pull all the pieces together and design your fastest path to cash. Here are four ways and seven case studies that reveal how a brand strategy puts money in the bank.

Dan the Planner

How personal branding helps you expand your network and attract new business.


Project:  Whether you are a business owner or you work within a company structure, your ability to achieve success depends largely on your ability to create and leverage your networks. Although an excellent financial planner, Dan was struggling to translate his skills to attract new leads at networking events. Personal branding helped him transform his identity from an invisible nerd to a purposeful advisor, boost his self-confidence as a marketer and surpassed his sales goals by $30K.


The Challenge:


Dan is a financial planner for a major publicly-traded, asset-management company. He’s also your typical nerd.

And while this personality trait made him good at crafting solutions for clients, it proved a liability when it came to generating new business, which was essentially Dan’s job.

When I met Dan, he had exhausted his personal network and was struggling to attract new leads at networking events. Although he was a confident financial planner, he’d find himself either debating with someone incessantly about whether or not a particular stock was a worthwhile investment or stuck in a corner talking to no one at all. This wasn’t just awkward; it proved a poor strategy for attracting new clients to the business. And Dan certainly needed a strategy because there were often dozens of financial planners at these events competing for the same clients and he just simply did not stand out. In a job role where a strong personality is an asset, he was pretty much invisible.

Being able to attract clients online, rather than in person, was one way Dan might have been able to overcome his social discomposure. But he was limited in what he could do and say online because of his employer’s policies and government regulations.


The Solution:


Dan enrolled in my personal brand coaching program, where I helped him redesign his entire approach to networking. First, we defined what he actually does for his ideal clients. We created a personalized narrative about his work impacts his clients lives, both financially and emotionally. Then, I taught him how to take control of a run away conversation about investing and reframe it so his potential client could hear his advice and perceive him as an expert.

Then, there was his personality. To the casual observer, he was just a nerdy financial guy who was pretty boring to talk to. But, when I got to know him better I realized that his literal, analytical side could be quite funny, especially when he talked about golf. It's his passion. If Dan's not working, then he's golfing or dreaming of the day that he can retire and just play golf. So, I taught him how bringing his passion into his communication gives him more range of self-expression and makes it easier for others to perceive him as authentic. I branded him a "financial caddy" and taught him how to use golfing as a metaphor to relate to his potential clients and their challenges through this unique lens. This new awareness made it easy for Dan to connect with new people more quickly, set himself at ease and present himself with more enthusiasm.

Finally, he had a database full of past clients and contacts that he had lost touch with. He didn't know what to say to them or how to ask for referrals. I taught him how to apply the same techniques he learned at networking events to his email communications.


The Results:


The strategy invariably led to stronger connections with potential clients, who began to see Dan as a professional whose expertise they could use. It allowed him to broker more appointments for initial consultations and later, invitations for follow-ups. Once Dan started putting into practice his personalized brand strategy, people around him began to relate more to him and take note of what he had to say. His confidence grew and eventually he was standing up at Chamber of Commerce events, making presentations that went something like this: “Investing is like golf; you need to assess the lay of the land before you can choose which clubs to use. Many of you have investments that aren’t being effective in today’s market. If you’d like to discuss your options, let’s talk.”

Within three months of working with me, Dan learned how to use networking as an effective marketing tool to grow his client base. His new confidence allowed him to more easily approach new people and engage them in effective conversations. And within six months, he had mastered the art of keeping initial lines of communications open with clients, learned how to make the transition from connection to consultation a natural part of his conversation style and created an effective lead-nurturing program to make sure he's top of mind with these new leads.

The way Dan describes it, working with me gave him the tools he needed to bring “all of myself” into a conversation, making it more fun to talk about what he does. Now, at networking events, his new level of confidence exudes an authority that allows him to grab the attention of potential clients -- not by arguing with them about investing like he was doing before, but by being fully present with them and their needs. Clients are no longer apprehensive, but excited, about following up with DAN because he is intentional in his communication. “My purpose is to inspire people to remember me, help them better conceptualize what I do and how I can help them master their money.”

Building his personal brand strategy has allowed Dan to see that he does more than just sell people investing products. He brings to the table over 20 years experience customizing financial plans to fit his individual clients’ needs. Not only do they get a good planner and wiser advisor, but they get a passionate teacher too. The work we did is a solid foundation for him to build upon in the future. He says: “The benefits of working with Jenn are easily worth ten times the cost. I met the three-month financial goals that Jenn and I set for me in two months. And best of all, I love to stand up and talk about what I do because I know people will remember me.”

Dan The Planner*, Your Personal Financial Caddy
*real name withheld for privacy




How a brand strategy quadrupled a sales team’s effectiveness to generate requests for proposal.


Summary: When prospecting for new leads, service providers often fall into the trap of giving away their service in hopes that the lead will come back. While this is great for building brand awareness, it does little to generate interest in a follow-up conversation. This story illustrates how a message strategy quadrupled a sales team's ability to create a buzz and a desire for their service at a marketing event.



The Challenge:

Vision Quest Consulting is a leadership development company for top talent that represents 40 executive coaches and trainers. The CEO was preparing for a global leadership event where she and ten of her coaches would provide support for participants. The event had become a yearly marketing tool for getting in front of thousands of potential new clients.  


Jenn's Audit:

When speaking with the team about their strategy, Jenn realized they were doing what many service providers do: providing prospective clients with complimentary coaching experiences with the hope they’d come back for more.

The problem with this approach is that the person being coached walks away knowing what to do next time, but without the support of the coach who provided that advice. The assumption is that the person will come back for support. In reality, however, that person doesn’t know they need support or they’d already have it. Plus, it’s unlikely that in such a short period of time, a coach could have accurately assessed an individual’s situation and specific challenges to provide the correct advice. The experience they could provide couldn’t possibly be an accurate representation of what it would be like to enter into a coaching relationship.


The Solution:

Jenn adjusted their approach by focusing the team on the bigger picture. She got them to look at their potential clients’ specific circumstances and at what exactly it is they are trying to sell each person. The participants at the event were all executives in a highly political corporate environment. They needed more than a therapist to talk through their problems; they needed an external thought partner to help them clearly understand their situations in order to make the right moves for their careers. The team’s goal at this event was not to coach participants on a single situation, but rather to help them look at where they are, where they want to be and how a coach can help them get there faster and in a more productive way. By creating this context, the team made it possible for potential clients to see the value of hiring a coach.

The Result: The team generated four times as many follow-up conversations for executive coaching proposals then they had in any previous year.


Multi-media Artist

Direct Mail — Print Invitation for Art Opening


How a brand strategy inspires customers to enroll themselves into your call to action.


Summary: Marcia is an inspirational speaker and thought leader with one of the highest sales conversion rates in the industry. When she speaks to an audience of more than 100 people, her track record dictates that 35 percent of them will become new clients. When Jenn joined Marcia's team, she was in the midst of a proposal for her 15th book, reorganizing her company offerings and preparing for an upcoming revenue generating event. This case study reveals how Jenn's brand strategy helped Marcia successfully launch her new program, double her conversion rate and generate $2M in sales.

The Challenge:

For the past six months, Marcia had been hustling to fill the Wealthy Visionary event. She had 400 people registered. Her plan was to offer her new mystery school program called The Meaning Institute for $10K. Since her price point was significantly higher than her past programs and it was her first time making the offer, Marcia figured a conservative conversion rate for her new program would be about 25% (or 10 percentage points beneath her average). Her goal was to enroll at least 100 people and generate $1 million in revenue.

Although Marcia had a company producing the event, she was still spending most of her time trying to fill the room with attendees and hadn’t had time to set the context for why people coming to her event would want to invest in this new more expensive program.

She needed to answer the question: “How do I get others to justify spending $10K to finding deeper meaning in their life?”


The Solution:

To understand Marcia and her audience, Jenn researched the words “wealthy” and “visionary” to get a better grasp of why people would be attracted to them and therefore, the event. She discovered that the core meaning of the word wealthy originates from the old English word “weal.” And while the modern definition of wealthy means the abundance of material possessions, the original definition of wealth means an abundance of possessions and resources to the benefit of the common good. In other words, the modern day definition of wealthy had changed through the years. With this as her core premise, Marcia could make a case for how her program would help participants contribute their gifts in service to the greater good of humanity. 

From this insight, Marcia and Jenn created a series of exercises to help people identify what being a Wealthy Visionary means to them.

Jenn created a cost and benefit analysis of gaining meaning in one’s life and then worked with Marcia to develop it into processes and exercises for participants to work through to determine if The Meaning Institute was right for them.
The event was a success and by the end of the third day, Marcia had enrolled 200 people -- half the room – and generated $2 million in revenue, double the goal she had set.

Today, Marcia is perceived as a global thought leader who helps hundreds of people find and live a purposeful and meaningful life.

Jenn Morgan is one of the most brilliant marketing people I know.
I have Jenn there to capture, encapsulate and order what we are talking about in a way that allows me to be in my creative flow. She is great at creating the structure, container and the format for me to step into and articulate the real value of what I’m creating for people. Her organic clarification processes have been tremendously helpful in preparation for the Wealthy Visionary conference, The Meaning Institute and my new book. Working with her has clarified and strengthened the unique value of my brand. Jenn Morgan is beyond brilliant—and you can quote me on that!
— Marcia Wieder, CEO of Dream University, Beverly Hills, CA