Jenn Morgan, Marketing Consultant, Brand Expert, Radically Distinct LLC
Empowering You To Be Radically Distinct™

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This three day immersive training will level up your brand presence and strategic skillset.

Day 1 — Powerful Speaking

You can be the best at what you do and the obvious choice for a job, but if you can't project your voice then no one will hear you. If you can't keep your cool when under pressure then you'll struggle to get the respect you deserve. Find the balance between mindful and forceful so you can transcends concerns and inspire others to champion you and your ideas.

Day 1 — We get you out of your comfort zone and level up your personal presence so you can transcend your nervousness, be present in the moment and get your point across with clarity and conviction. You'll learn the three (3) keys to confident communication and how to use them to find your voice when on the spot, create openings to share your opinion in a group, and manage the perceptions of others as you advance your objectives.

Day 2 — Effective Networking

You can be an assertive, highly social personality type and still feel paralyzed when confronted with unknown or large groups of people. Whether you are a business owner or you work within a company structure, your ability to achieve success is highly-dependent upon your ability to overcome your anxiety to create and leverage your networks.   

Day 2 — We focus your approach to networking and how to use your personality to your advantage to build your network. You'll learn the five-step method to effective networking and how to use it to set yourself and others at ease, duplicate your idea in the mind of another person and make deliberate, respectful actions that accomplish your goals. This intentional networking strategy will help you build social value and expand your influence within your community.

Day 3 — Brand Mindset

You can be the smart, hardworking and capable of bringing out the best in others and still get past over for promotions and career advancement. The difference between those at the top of their fields and the vast majority is their ability to understand the business needs of their organization and their unique role in helping it accomplish it's financial goals.

Day 3 — We work in collaboration to define your expertise into an unique value proposition and personal narrative that connects your talents and passions to bottom line business results. You'll leave with strategic plan for how to understand and promote the value you offer an organization independent of the title or job function. Plus, you'll have a process for applying the same methodology for any brand you represent.

The Confident Communicator training in Seattle on October 22nd-24th.

We'll meet each day from 9am–5pm PST.