Jenn Morgan, Marketing Consultant, Brand Expert, Radically Distinct LLC
Empowering You To Be Radically Distinct™

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What you'll learn

  • The three keys to confident communication and how to use them to expand your range of self expression and regulate your personal energy towards your goals.
  • The five-step method to effective networking and how to use it to maintain your authority and set others at ease in challenging and unfamiliar situations.
  • How to crack the communication code of others, rally people around your ideas to build mutually empowering relationships that generate results quicker, easier and with more ingenuity.
  • What it means to contribute a point of view clearly, with creativity and impact and how to deliver messages that engage others and increase active participation.

What you'll get

  • Assessment of your communication needs.
  • Custom designed program.
  • Personalized attention for each participant.
  • A workbook with fully-comprehensive terms section and illustrations of the concepts you learn.
  • Optional photo and video of you and your community engaged in the creation of your brand mindset.

What's unique about this workshop?

Jenn uses a mix of improv games, role playing scenarios, and stand up comedy concepts to increase your ability to produce results through communication.

This immersive style workshop is a safe zone -- a fun and lively experience – designed to train you, through participation, how to create communication as a collaborative exchange. Through it you will understand how to think of yourself as a communicative instrument with the ability to set others at ease and catalyze them into action.

These highly successful techniques tune your brand perception, increase your communication efficacy and enhance your ability to influence others to champion your ideas, both personally and professionally.

You'll be inspired, have a deeper level of self trust, and more confidence to share your message effectively across various communication channels.

This interactive event is a safe zone where all communication styles and personality types are honored and equally challenged to grow and evolve. No experience in performing arts is required.