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Brand Mindset Training

Corporate programs designed to  foster an innovative, collaborative culture and strengthen your brand.

Technology and social media are driving change all around us. And your competitors are using every tool at their disposal to push their brands and get ahead.

But there’s something about your competitors you may not know. A recent Gallup poll found that 70 percent of American workers are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and therefore less likely to be productive.

This means that your competitors have 70% disengagement within their ranks. Unfortunately, so do you.

But you can begin to reverse that. Jenn Morgan’s Brand Mindset Training is designed not only to boost employee productivity and brand engagement but also reinforce their value to your company. These fun, immersive workshops provide a comfortable environment where participants learn how to hone their communication skills individually and within a group. The outcome of this training is a complete reinvention of how you and your team thinks and feels about your brand and business direction.

And it’s not just for employees. Jenn offers training and consulting on a range of platforms, all with a pragmatic understanding of Brand Mindset and how applying it gives your career, your teams and your company a strategic advantage and a competitive edge in today’s fast paced evolving market.

Brand Mindset Corporate Training

This program is aimed at forward thinking organizations who want to build brand-focused, talent-magnet cultures within their communities and lead their brand with a competitive edge. Elements include classes, workshops, and individual/group coaching programs custom designed to suit your specific business needs. Specific trainings include:

  • It’s  Personal Brand – a brand mindset educational series teaches individuals how to think like a brand and become more strategic with their time and attention. Participants are empowered to take control of their career path and build a personal brand able inspire and influence others to take action.


  • The Confident Communicator – a communication workshop teaches individuals the basic mechanics of a communication exchange and how to effectively communicate as a team with a cohesive brand voice. Participants step out of their comfort zone, find their voice, and learn to use the brand mindset process to direct group attention and maintain engagement.


  • Perfect Pitch Co-creative Coaching – a series of strategy sessions to help individuals proactively manage the reputation of their personal or team brand. Professionals work with Jenn to build their personal brand while developing and practicing the pitch of their ideas. Teams work with Jenn to think through their projects, create a decision making process and design strategies to attract the resources they need to accomplish their goals. Leaders work with Jenn to craft their messages, shape team communication, and envision the future of the company.

Contact Jenn for a Consultation. Choose a training that works for you. Or invite Jenn into your business community to evaluate and design a program to capture the heart of your people, re-engage them in your brand and strengthens your collective power to produce results.

Jenn works in partnership with expert thought leaders in the field of executive corporate leadership and change management to design programs that support the people side of change. They focus the programs to help people build personal and professional skills that increase their effectiveness and enhance their ability to implement new behaviors individually and as a team.

  • Wendy Capland, CEO of Vision Quest Consulting and Leading Authority of Stepping Into Leadership
  • Jeanne Supin, CEO of Watuga Consulting/Leading Authority of Supporting People Through Massive Org Change