Corporate Consulting Projects



Jenn reviews the status of your brand to identify opportunities for improvement. She’ll look at your presentations and provide feedback on why your message does or does not translate into sales. Her insights on your communication will help you bridge the gap between internal and external perceptions of your brand and inspire potential customers to engage with you.



From strategic planning to visual design, Jenn helps you determine why others care about what you offer and how to set your company apart from the competition. This work helps you identify where to position your company, what marketing avenues to pursue and what strategies to employ. With Jenn on your team, you’ll develop your position in the market with character and distinction.



Jenn focuses the value proposition of your company into a clear and compelling brand story. You'll win the hearts and minds of your ideal clients and key stakeholders and boost your bottom line at the same time. Productivity will soar because your teams will be aligned to the same goals. Revenue will increase because your message will be focused and persuasive to those you most want to attract.