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Corporate Programs

Powerful Brand Mindset is a brand development program for corporate and civic communities. The purpose is to strengthen the brand mindset of leaders, talent and their teams in order to build an attractive, brand focused, ‘talent magnet’ culture within an established organization, an innovative start up, or transformational community.


What is a Powerful Brand Mindset Training?

Brand Mindset Training is the process of developing a shared way of thinking, communicating and producing as a group. Jenn focuses communication challenges into creative opportunities to learn about each other and fine tune the shared sensibility to connect and communicate. This process catalyzes the collective ability of the group to accomplish goals and produce results.

Who are the programs for?

These programs help

  • Forward thinking business professionals transform their talent into a strategic advantage.
  • Emerging industry leaders find their voice as they step into their new position.
  • Small businesses build a unified brand voice across multiple platforms.
  • Civic communities leverage the 'group mind' for insights to redefine the value of a community.
  • World class companies sharpen their competitive edge.




What's unique about the Powerful Brand Mindset Training program?

Jenn Morgan's program teaches individuals how to focus attention and energy toward a shared objective.

Through games and role playing scenarios, you'll learn the quantum mechanics of communication and how to use it to create and maintain connection with others.

The Powerful Brand Mindset Training creates an experiential understanding of what a 'brand mindset' is, the relation to personal and collective efficacy, and how strengthening your brand mindset:

  • Empowers individuals to rule their domain of expertise with confidence.
  • Deepens trust on teams of diverse talent, personality types, and communication styles.
  • Enables leaders to generate ideas faster with a team.
  • Builds an attractive, brand focused culture.
Typically, brand building is done as a top down strategic initiative. By including your community in the conversation, you create an inclusive environment that actively engages them in the future of your brand and reveals insights that leaders may not otherwise be privy to.
— Jenn Morgan, Co-founder Radically Distinct