Jenn Morgan, Marketing Consultant, Brand Expert, Radically Distinct LLC
Empowering You To Be Radically Distinct™

Curriculm - 2


it's PERSONAL BRAND Curriculum

Workshop 1 — Personal Brand Identity and Perception

  • You'll learn identifying your brand influences other people's perception of you and how to use your brand mindset to stand out and get noticed.
  • You'll create an identity statement.

Workshop 4 — Proactive Reputation Management

  • You'll learn what it means to balance your brand before making choices, evaluate 'fit' within a company or market environment and use a brand mindset to shift your focus and make an effective transition.
  • You'll learn how to self assess with clarity.

Workshop 2 — Personal Brand Value and Relevancy

  • You'll learn the difference between proving yourself and owning your authority and how to become immediately more relevant to others.
  • You'll create a positioning statement.

Workshop 5 — Your Power to Produce

  • You'll learn what it means to regulate your personal energy, why it's important in the modern business world and how mastering it is the secret to increasing your influence.
  • You'll learn to measure your self efficacy and create an action plan for improvement.

Workshop 3 — Personal Brand Image and Politics

  • You'll learn the difference between image and identity and how to use this knowing to be both authentic and effective in business.
  • You'll create a style guide.

Workshop 6 — Radically Distinct Brand Voice

  • You'll learn an introduction to the four ‘self’ muscles, how to use them to reclaim your voice, get out of your comfort zone and be boldly in action.
  • You'll create a confidence building exercise plan.