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This workshop series will help you perceive your personal brand from three different perspectives.

The Personal Perspective —

Career success isn't worth much without an enjoyable life experience. Learning how to organize and prioritize your career around your unique value gives you the focus to set goals that meet both your emotional and financial needs. This clarity helps you focus your attention toward the efficient and effective use of your time and resources to create the reality you intend.

The Business Perspective —

Building a reputation that others trust is key to building a powerful brand. To do that, you have to get comfortable promoting who you are, what you can do and the unique value it brings to others with integrity. Mastering this skill will help you identify new opportunities, attract right fit relationships, negotiate for a higher salary, gain recognition in your industry and influence others to champion you and your ideas.

The Cultural Perspective —

We live in a specialized workforce. To be uniquely you and share your specialized talents, you need community support. In addition to providing an environment for you to contribute your gifts, a community gives you a sense of belonging that fuels your passion to produce results. The cultural lens helps you re-think networking and how to build the social value required to achieve success.

September 18th focus: Identity Perception — You’ll learn how what you think about yourself effects how you show up in the world and how to expand your brand awareness to increase your effectiveness.

September 25th focus: Positioning Value — You’ll learn the difference between the work you do and the value you provide so you can negotiate on your behalf and present your ideas with power.

October 2nd focus: Image and Politics — You'll learn the difference between image and identity and how to use your perceptual skills to navigate the politics of business and uphold your image with integrity.


October 9th focus: Career Management — You’ll learn how to look at your life's work from a brand perspective, set goals that narrow your choices and focus your plan to suit your desired lifestyle.

October 16th focus: Confident Communication — You’ll learn what it means to be a fit communicator in the modern market place and how to use your brand mindset to reclaim your voice, get out of your comfort zone and achieve your vision as a powerful brand.

it's PERSONAL BRAND training starts on September 18th.

We'll meet every Friday from 10am–12pm PST.

Registration is closed.