Jenn Morgan, Marketing Consultant, Brand Expert, Radically Distinct LLC
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Today’s marketplace is competitive and capturing attention is becoming more and more of a challenge for everyone. Pushing harder or being louder won’t get you the results you seek — but strengthening your brand will.

Jenn Morgan reveals how building your personal brand gives you and your career a strategic advantage and contributes to your company’s ability to lead with a competitive edge.

You’ll be inspired to step into a new level of leadership and walk away armed with a blueprint for presenting your most powerful brand.


Today, 70% of employees in the USA are actively disengaged from the work they do. That means, not only do companies have to compete for market share but they have to compete for employee attention too.

Jenn Morgan shows you how to think of communication as a collaborative exchange of information, work as a team to evolve ideas at an exponential rate and keep everyone engaged throughout the process.

You’ll be engaged and walk away with a new perspective on how to be a creative, effective and influential communicator today.