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4. Exit a conversation gracefully.

Sometimes there is just no information to be exchanged between you and the other. That’s ok. Be direct. It's easier to exit when you have clear goals because you can use them as the reason to exit.

“It was great meeting you. I’m going to venture out and connect with some more people. Good luck to you and (what their goals are).”
“My goal is to speak with 10 people tonight. You are only #3. I better up my game! It was great speaking with you and good luck!”
“Thank you, but I’m not interested. I hope you enjoy the rest of the event.”

Speaking directly makes some people feel uncomfortable.

Set others at ease by respecting the connection. When you focus your attention on the connection, your emotional tone will come across to the other as respectful because you are honoring the person but exiting the situation. When you focus your attention on getting out of the conversation, your emotional tone will come across as disrespectful because you are literally attempting to get rid of the other person. 

Here's how to do it:

  1. Acknowledge the person — Find something to say that demonstrates that you recognize the person. "It was nice to meet you."
  2. Make an honest statement — "I'd like to meet more people before I leave this evening."
  3. Shake their hand — Every connection matters in a network. A handshake confirms that you value connection and it makes it easy for you to exit the conversation on a professional note.

Exit a conversation gracefully by respecting the connection and speaking directly.