Jenn Morgan, Marketing Consultant, Brand Expert, Radically Distinct LLC
Empowering You To Be Radically Distinct™

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Step 1:

Brand Identification

Over a series of six sessions, I’ll take you through a methodical process that will organize the way you think about yourself into a brand framework. This process focuses your ability to perceive your brand and increases your effectiveness to articulate your value to others.

In addition, we’ll differentiate your talent from your peers and I’ll teach you how to elevate your brand stature to get the results you intend. You’ll know what your unique value is and how to communicate it effectively so other see it too. I'll teach you new tools and vocabulary for how to how to own your authority in any situation, make decisions in the moment that pro-actively manage your reputation and reveal the true character of who you are.

You’ll walk away with documentation of our discoveries, written profile of your brand identity, professional bio and personal narrative of your story.

“Even though I’m a senior executive, I was struggling with how to articulate what I do in a way that’s engaging to peers within my organization and within the industry, and I wasn’t sure how to project myself powerfully in my new position. My uncertainty was showing up the boardroom and was trickling over into regular social situations too. Jenn worked with me to help me see myself in a way that was powerful to me. She shined a light on what I’m doing that’s meaningful and gave me the ability to articulate it in a way that is interesting to others. I have words for who I am in terms of my profession, why it’s meaningful in the world, what the value of my expertise is and a way of thinking of it that’s baked into my DNA. My work with her has helped me regulate my self-talk and build effective working relationships even with challenging personalities. She gave me very do-able tools that helped mitigate challenges I was having with male executives. I’m now more confident and as a result, I’m more effective and more successful. I notice a change in how others perceive me. I feel seen for who I am, not just the role I play. Jenn’s very professional, warm and down to earth. Her creative way of thinking and communicating is constructive and refreshing. She has a knack for getting a sense of the people she works with and a talent for packaging and articulating value that has made it so easy for me to own and express my brand.”

— Nedra, Senior Vice President of Regulatory for $3.2B Pharmaceutical Company

Step 2:

Brand Expression

We’ll work together over a period of eight months in a coaching relationship to help you express your brand effectively and creatively on projects in your personal and professional life. I’ll teach you how to become your own best brand manager and give you tricks of the trade from a production & energetic standpoint that will help you become a better director of time, resources and people. You may choose to focus on developing one aspect of your brand or a variety of areas to create a consistent brand presence throughout. Here are some project ideas:

  • Creative direction for personal image, visual materials, online profiles.
  • Storytelling design for engaging sales presentations, interviews & marketing campaigns.
  • Presentation strategy to enhance your delivery style and crack the communication code of different audience groups (work, dating, relationships).
  • Strategic planning for building your professional network, creating & marketing projects & initiatives, packaging new services.
  • Curriculum design for building your confidence to express your talents in any format.


My work with Jenn this year has given me a clear focus on my brand and how I want to be seen and perceived in the world. I’ve been working in corporate America for over 15 years, I’ve always been comfortable speaking and being in front of the room, but I feel more poised and confident than ever before. People have been saying, ”Your grace and sense of self is inspiring.” ”You've made it girl! 10 out of 10 in executive presence,” and "you are an amazing speaker."  Working with Jenn has been a transformational experience for me and I look forward to working with her more going forward.”

— Kelly, AVP HR Business Partner, Insurance Industry