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The Confident Networker

by Jenn Morgan

Who is The Confident Networker?

The Confident Networker is a person who builds mutually beneficial connections for themselves and others. This person's goal is to forward the acceptance or rejection of information or an idea throughout their community. The more engaged the networker is with the community, the more confidently they move information. This person builds social value over time for helpful and action oriented communication skills. Monetary value is to material worth what social value is to community worth. Monetary credit can buy you stuff. Social credit gives you influence.


You can not control other people, but you can control who you are and how you show up in the world. Self confidence is the belief that, I am one and therefore, I am the leader of my experience. The more self confidence you have, the easier it is for you to cause an effect.

A network is a series of connections that can move information through a system. Person to person connections are the foundation of a community. The stronger the connections, the more engaged the community and the faster the movement. However, if the connections are weak, information gets stuck.


The Confident Networker Intention

"Utilizing the 5 stages of an effective networking exchange, I can approach a group of people I don't know, create an effective communication exchange that accomplishes my goals and helps others, and exit gracefully in order to move our mutual experience forward."