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Is This You?

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Is this You?

You provide a valuable service, but spend too much time trying to explain what you do and you aren't attracting the right clients/partners/opportunities. 


You're really good at what you do, but aren't receiving the respect you deserve from employees, peers and maybe even friends.


So many people do what you do or want what you want, the competition is steep and you don’t know how to set yourself apart so that you stand out.


You have a business you want to launch or new career path you want to take, but you don’t know where to start or what marketing avenues to pursue. 


You have lots of ideas about what you want next, but you tend to start and stop or spin in circles not quite getting anywhere. 


You need a brand strategy. Not just any brand strategy. You need a Radically Distinct, personal brand strategy.

A brand strategy is careful method for achieving a goal that takes into account the relationships and rules that must be formed or dismantled in order to achieve the goal.

For an individual, the first relationship that has to be considered is the one you have with yourself. You need to know your value and how to communicate it before you can represent it effectively. When you are clear about your unique value, it’s much easier to figure out your next step and the things standing in your way of success.

This is personal work because your time and energy are personal. Your value is personal. Your reputation is personal. Your future is personal.

It's challenging to do this work on your own because it's not a linear, logical path. It's an emotional one. When you get it right, you feel excited to take action. When you get wrong, you feel overwhelmed and confused.

If you’re looking for a methodical process that gets you focused and into action, it’s PERSONAL BRAND is what you’ve been looking for.