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For Women


Over the past Few years...

I've worked with dozens of women on their careers and businesses. During that time, the women who experience the most success were willing to discuss and explore how their desires in their personal lives' helped or hindered their ability to manifest what they want professionally.

Some examples: 

  • A woman struggling with respect in the boardroom was stuck in an unfulfilling relationship with a man who didn't really see her.
  • A woman struggling to make sales in her business had closed herself off to support from her husband, family and personal network because she felt like a failure.
  • A woman struggling to commit to changing her career path was having a hard time getting intimate with her husband and didn't know how to have fun in her own body.

As a woman myself, I know first hand how easy it easy to bury myself in my work and help others instead of focusing on the bigger picture of what I truly want. It's easier because it doesn't require me to change my behaviors.

When I focus on the bigger picture of what I want, I'm forced to get honest with myself about whether or not my day to day actions are aligned to what my heart is pulled towards. It forces me to prioritize my goals. And, that's hard because it requires me to say 'no' to things I used to say 'yes' to. To do that, I need new behaviors. Behaviors that feel foreign and awkward. Behaviors that feel inauthentic to who I am because who I am needs to change.

The Radically Distinct Life Coaching program is different than other coaching programs for one reason, I don't believe in limiting beliefs. Your beliefs are based on your experiences. Considering them limiting beliefs detaches you from your emotions and diminishes your power. You need both to find your voice and show up in the world authentically.

The RAD Method™ helps you identify the underlying premise that drives your decisions. That premise is your identity. Your identity is an honest assessment of who you believe you are. Most of us don't know how to listen to our own assessments because we are so used to trying to live into other people's ideas of what success is and who we are supposed to be in the world. The problem with that strategy is that you have no way to know when you are on course or not.

Most coaching programs focus on helping you find your own answers. While I believe that ultimately you are the only one who can create what you want. I don't believe that leading you to your own answers is the most effective role for a coach. 

As your coach, I'm going to give you a business perspective on the value of your identity, new vocabulary for talking to and about yourself. This builds your self confidence and opens you up to perceive what you want. From here, I will help you prioritize your goals and create strategies that empower you to play to your strengths. I will challenge the ideas you hold as most important, encourage you step forward into the world as your most powerful and support you to build the confidence and courage to so.