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Digital media is the new frontier of mass communication.

Unlike the broad strokes of TV and Radio, digital media gives us the ability to micro target who you are in front of so you only pay to be in front of the people who matter most to your business. While many companies have been competing fiercely for Google Ad words and search, there is very little competition for advertisers on social media and podcasts. Because of the nature of these mediums, advertisers are more welcome as sponsors, educators and entertainers than as direct sales people. That's why sponsorship is the first major move of dominant brands when they entered the new media landscapes of newpaper, radio and TV. 


The mobile device has surpassed the TV as America’s most loved screen.

As of Q3 of 2014, the average American consumer spends over 3 hours per day on their mobile device. That’s 30 mins longer than TV. This trend has year over year growth of 170%.

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212 million Americans are online

Americans age 13-54 are listening to online radio for an average of 12 hours per week and 5 hours of that time in their car. 64% of them are on Facebook everyday and 35% of them are on it several times a day.

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Podcast listening grew 23% between 2015-2016 and 75% since 2013.

  • 57 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly. That’s the same number of Americans who use Twitter.
  • 35 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly. Weekly listeners consume 5 shows per week on average.