Jenn Morgan, Marketing Consultant, Brand Expert, Radically Distinct LLC
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Core Curriculum


Quarter 1—Consistency

During first quarter of the program, we define your brand, review your current self-marketing efforts, design a plan around your skills and set some trackable goals.

You’ll develop and practice your elevator pitch and identify some low hanging fruit in your current marketing mix that you can level-up right away.


Quarter 2—Politics

Next, we assess the environments you frequent and the network you have. We’ll help you identify potential allies and linchpins to align yourself with and how to go about building relationship with them. You’ll practice positioning your expertise and owning your authority in conversations and we’ll help you fine tune your enrollment skills


Quarter 3—Leverage

This next quarter is focused toward amplification of your efforts. We’ll review your results over the past six months to find your marketing genius zone and re-focus your plan to support you doing more of what you’re best at. You’ll start looking at creative ways to sharpen this skill set in this area and and develop a distinctive aesthetic in your communication style.


Quarter 4—Metrics

During the final quarter of the program, we turn our attention to your number story to help you understand the relationship between your efforts and your results. This review will set you up for re-focusing your plan for finishing out strong and setting yourself up for 2018.