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An advertorial advertising program that accelerates the relationship building process between you and your target market through the promotion and syndication of internet radio shows. Benefits include:

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Build Brand Recognition

Traditional PR strategies for corporate leaders include guest writing and interviews in magazines and shows with reach throughout a broad geographical area. You build recognition, but not necessarily with your specific market. This sponsorship program help you find new and fun ways to get your message heard and get you recognized as an authority in your field by your target market. Plus, we’ll embed the audio files on your website. Having people listen to audio on your site increase the Alexa ranking (authority) of your site on search engines.

Win Brand Loyalty

A study by Cone Communications concluded that CSR is no longer an option for corporations, it’s a must do. Here are some statistics: • 91% of global consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause, given comparable price and quality. • Nearly all consumers say that when companies engage in CSR, the have a more positive image of the company (96%), would be more likely to trust that company (94%) and would be more loyal to that company (93%).


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Control Your Message

As a specialty business, it can be very difficult to find a marketing company that can create content on your behalf that actually works. This program makes you the director of your message and gives you content that can be repurposed by you or your marketing team across platforms. For example, one audio show can become 4 blog posts, 1 newsletter and the inspiration for multiple info-graphics. These timeless pieces can be re-used year after year in your marketing mix and can be linked together to increase the authority of your site for search engines.

Micro Target Ad Spend

Having a regional or national appeal is a sum of all the fringe groups that you have built relationships with. Whether you already have a digital marketing program or this becomes your first one, marketers need to focus their message to specific subcultures of people. In this program, we can focus on one specific segment of people that you want to reach or we can create different shows to put in front of different groups. The promotional program is designed around your goals.