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It's Personal Brand is a two hour immersive style workshop that demonstrates how having a ‘brand mindset’ increases your ability to stand out and get attention with integrity, earn trust, and build relationship with others quicker.

5 WEEK WEBINAR — Presented by Jenn Morgan

it's PERSONAL BRAND is a brand workshop designed to help you pro-actively shape your career path.

You'll learn a framework for looking at goals from a designer perspective and solving challenges with an entrepreneurial approach. Utilizing examples from contemporary business and popular culture, Jenn will define and differentiate the primary principles of a powerful brand and how to use these insights to stand out from your peers, play to your strengths and create your desired future.

  • Registration is closed
  • Start date: September 18th
  • Duration: 5 weeks, every Friday @ 10am–12pm PST
  • Fee: $250
  • If you can't make it live, don't worry. All sessions will be recorded and you can email in your questions for Jenn to answer on the next class.

Course description

More than a clever logo, your brand is the perception that other people have about you. Many people assume that branding is something you do once you are successful, but Jenn Morgan will show you how proactively managing your brand is the key to your success. In this course, Jenn breaks down the brand building process from a personal, business and cultural perspective to teach you how to identify the difference between what you think and feel about yourself as a brand. She'll show you how to expand your self perception to access deeper levels of courage and authenticity and how doing so sets you and others at ease. In the end, you'll be more influential with how you talk to yourself and more confident in how you present yourself and your ideas to the world.

Each workshop focus is an unique experience designed to train you to identify your unique self and embody your brand. Jenn uses a mix of diagrams and videos to demonstrate the difference between a thought, a feeling and an action and how to use the information to organize your brand mindset.

You’ll be inspired and walk away armed with a methodical process for making confident decisions that honor who you are and influence other people to have a positive perception of your brand.