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Personal Brand Classes

It's Personal Brand is a two hour immersive style workshop that demonstrates how having a ‘brand mindset’ increases your ability to stand out and get attention with integrity, earn trust, and build relationship with others quicker.

it's Personal Brand

a workshop series for business professionals

created by Jenn Morgan


Course description: More than a clever logo, the branding process is proactive reputation management and the key to career satisfaction. In this course, Jenn Morgan, Co-founder of Radically Distinct, breaks down the brand building process step-by-step and how it helps you become more strategically focused with your time, attention and communication. You'll learn how to make choices that honor your unique value, shape your skills as uniquely relevant in the modern market, and influence how other people feel about you. In the end, you’ll know your personal brand and how to use it to up-level your work experience and position yourself for success.


Course instructor: With 15 years experience, Jenn Morgan has led the concept development and production of advertising quality communications in the industries of automotive, banking, retail, consumer products, human development, and consumer education for hundreds of Fortune 500 Companies, small businesses and corporate leaders worldwide–helping them evaluate the creative and strategic merit of their ideas, get organized into a strategic approach, and integrate their strengths, assets and implementation abilities into a cohesive brand voice.

As the Director of Brand Strategy at Radically Distinct, Jenn is responsible for the co-creative development and management of over 60 personal, team, and corporate brands during the creation of value propositions, online platforms, print and Web collateral, research/development, sales strategies, product and company packaging strategy, internal communication design, media planning and personal brand campaigns. She says, 'branding is like standup comedy. A whole bunch of fun experiences that end with a powerful point."


Each workshop is an interactive experience designed to train you, through participation, how to make choices like a brand.


Jenn uses a mix of games and role-play scenarios to demonstrate the difference between the way we think, feel and act and how developing your personal brand puts you in the driver seat of your choices. You’ll be inspired and walk away armed with a blueprint for presenting yourself as a powerful brand.


What you get:

  • Discover why knowing your brand matters, how a brand mindset broadens your sphere of influence and makes you more valuable in the market.
  • Discover the synergistic power of alignment and how to use it to take control of your career path and inspire others to take action.
  • Learn how to make radically different choices than your peers and focus your communication to connect with any audience.
  • Pre/post workshop assignment.

it's Personal Brand Curriculum

Workshop 1 — Personal Brand Identity and Perception

  • You'll learn identifying your brand influences other people's perception of you and how to use your brand mindset to stand out and get noticed.
  • You'll create an identity statement.

Workshop 2 — Personal Brand Value and Relevancy

  • You'll learn the difference between proving yourself and owning your authority and how to become immediately more relevant to others.
  • You'll create a positioning statement.

Workshop 3 — Personal Brand Image and Politics

  • You'll learn the difference between image and identity and how to use this knowing to be both authentic and effective in business.
  • You'll create a style guide.

Workshop 4 — Proactive Reputation Management

  • You'll learn what it means to balance your brand before making choices, evaluate 'fit' within a company or market environment and use a brand mindset to shift your focus and make an effective transition.
  • You'll learn how to self assess with clarity.

Workshop 5 — Your Power to Produce

  • You'll learn what it means to regulate your personal energy, why it's important in the modern business world and how mastering it is the secret to increasing your influence.
  • You'll learn to measure your self efficacy and create an action plan for improvement.

Workshop 6 — Radically Distinct Brand Voice

  • You'll learn an introduction to the four ‘self’ muscles, how to use them to reclaim your voice, get out of your comfort zone and be boldly in action.
  • You'll create a confidence building exercise plan.