Jenn Morgan, Marketing Consultant, Brand Expert, Radically Distinct LLC
Empowering You To Be Radically Distinct™

Internal Consultant

Brand Profile

You will get a personalized brand profile document that includes:

  1. a vision statement
  2. positioning statement
  3. professional bio
  4. elevator pitch to various audience group
  5. personal narrative and scripts for networking
  6. strategies for expanding your influence
  7. goals that align to your vision

Includes 6 brand assessment interviews and written document - $6,000

Brand Expression

Add 6 months of co-creative strategy sessions to implement your brand in your personal and professional life. (12 sessions for $6,000) Program total: $12,000

Add 12 months of co-creative strategy sessions. We can work on scripting, tone, posture, energy regulation, and presentations. (24 sessions for $12,000) Program total: $18,000