Your brand is your reputation and you are the driver.


Jenn Morgan's coaching programs help you represent yourself powerfully so that you win. Struggle with self-promotion? She'll help you use your own natural talent to become your own best brand manager. Are you a marketing maven? Jenn becomes your wing-woman. She'll focus your ideas, hone your message and accelerate the speed at which you achieve success. Ready to go to the next level?

Personal Branding Programs




Take control of your career with Jenn Morgan as your coach. You'll mastermind your professional projects with a brand advertising producer so that your ideas sell. Or, brush up your networking skills with an improv and standup comedian. Your presence will be stellar and you communication will be on point.




Fly her in or meet up in downtown Seattle. Spend a day with Jenn laser focused on your current project. She’ll help you craft your strategy and customize your presentation. You’ll have a plan of attack complete with scripts, strategies and resources for increasing your effectiveness, maximizing your budget and looking good while you’re doing it.




Level up before you launch with a detailed brand profile written by Jenn. She’ll take you through her brand strategy process to reorganize the way you think about who you are and what you do.  When you step out into the limelight, you’ll have your shtick together and custom fit to you. It includes an elevator pitch, professional bio and creative angle for developing your personal brand style.