Jenn Morgan is a brand management expert with 15 years’ experience leading the concept development and production of advertising-quality brand communications for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and corporate leaders in the industries of automotive, banking, retail, consumer products, human development, and consumer education.

As the Director of Brand Strategy at Radically Distinct, Jenn consults and trains over 60 industry leading experts, teams, and corporate brands during the creation of internal and external business communications – helping them evaluate the creative and strategic merit of their ideas, get organized into a strategic approach, and integrate their strengths, assets and implementation abilities into a cohesive brand voice.

For fun, she works out her confidence muscles as a courageous stand up comedienne and builds her storytelling skills as a member of the Half Sister improvisational theater team. These skills make Jenn an engaging speaker with the ability to deliver an idea with a powerful punch.