Jenn Morgan is a brand management expert and creative business tactician with 15 years of experience building the corporate brands of companies such as Coca-Cola and Chrysler Jeep, as well as, the personal brands of corporate managers and creative entrepreneurs on the leading edge of their industries.

She has produced Diet Coke's Red Dress Campaign, numerous stories for U.S. Postal Service's Deliver Magazine and advertorial stories for Meredith Corporation; photographed branded events for the Detroit Pistons and Dell Computers; and pioneered the transition from film to digital photography in the Detroit automotive and Seattle retail markets. Jenn has collaborated with hundreds of creative entrepreneurs to make their ideas reality. She's helped make it snow in ninety degree weather, put thirty people inside a video game and book client rosters solid doing work they love with people who inspire them.

As the co-founder of Radically Distinct, Jenn helps her clients translate ideas into emotionally resonate messages, increase personal and team efficacy and design measurable customer and employee engagement programs. Her clients report greater clarity and increased momentum while working with her to reinvent their brands and bring life to their visions.

She is an engaging keynote speaker and business teacher who elicits active participation from her audiences. In her spare time, Jenn works out her confidence muscles as a stand up comedienne and builds her storytelling skills as a member of the Half Sister improvisational theater team.