Maximize Your Brand's Power

to Produce Results



The RAD METHOD™ is a brand development strategy that accelerates the relationship building process between you and the people you want to attract. 

It's unique from other brand strategy methods because it can be implemented by anyone who wants to live their unique vision of success.

Whether you’re a CEO of Fortune 500 company or the leader of your household, The RAD METHOD™ maximizes your power to produce results.


Be Your Most Powerful Brand


The 5 pillars of The RAD Method™ work together to provide a structure for communication that makes it easier for you to make decisions and take actions authentic to who you are and the future you want. When all 5 pillars are strengthened in alignment to your goals, you feel on purpose and confident in your presentation of yourself, your team and your business. And, your audience is attracted and engaged in your brand.


Overview of how The RAD Method™ can help you maximize your power to produce results and show up in the world as your most powerful brand.

Passion — The Emotional Energy You Put Into What You Do

In this episode of Radically Distinct Radio, Jenn Morgan and Dr. Pat go through the three aspects of passion and how having greater access to your emotional energy is the difference between dreaming about your vision of success and actually living it.


Perception — Personal Understanding Of Who You Are

In this episode of Radically Distinct Radio, Dr. Pat and Jenn Morgan discuss the second pillar of The RAD Method: Perception. You'll learn why perception is the key to the law of attraction, how to win people over to your point of view, and how to become a better CEO of your life, career and business.


Airs live on 1150AM Seattle on Feb. 20th.


Airs live on 1150AM Seattle on March 20th.


Airs live on 1150AM Seattle on April 20th.