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Sales Presentation


Powerful Sales Presentations



You are great at what you do and you know your products, but you aren’t selling as good as you could be.


Work with Jenn to develop your value proposition and sales presentation skills at the same time. You’ll walk away with the ability to:

  1. Duplicate your idea in the mind of another with words that are easy to remember.
  2. Commands attention with a confident and clear emotional tone in your voice.
  3. Keep people engaged in what you are talking about from beginning to end.
  4. Deliver your selling points with charisma and timing.


I CLOSED $25,000 IN NEW BUSINESS AFTER JENN’S REVIEW OF MY PRESENTATION. Jenn helped me tap into the vulnerable part of me that I was trying to cover up. I had this golden ah ha moment that immediately helped me connect with my audience in such a unique and compelling way. I closed $25,000 in new business in a few short weeks, and wonderful things have unfolded in my life since I let myself be seen as human. I never would have experienced that if she hadn’t encouraged me to be raw and honest with who I am in context to my business.
Adryenn Ashley, Crowded Reality

Afterwards you will have:

  • Selling points that are relevant to your audience.
  • Stories that illustrate your points.
  • Follow up strategies to keep your audience engaged in you and your brand.

Programs can be delivered in person or over Skype.

$600 for initial project review and custom development plan.