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The Leadership Style of Beyoncé

Musician and entrepreneur, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is an American queen. If there was such a role, she'd take the crown because of her iconic Barbie doll image and the way she commands attention and adoration from her fans. This is a post about Beyoncé's personal brand of leadership.


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The Leadership Style of Maria Popova

Information Age leader, Maria Popova, is a cultural decider. She meticulously curates original content that connects the work of though leaders and artists across genres to help her audience look beyond their social media news feed to find a deeper experience. Read this post to learn more about her personal brand of leadership.

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Leadership Style: How to Level Up Your Personal Brand

For the past year, Wendy Capland and Jenn Morgan worked together to dream, philosophize, strategize about what women in business need to feel inspired to step into their Leadership A-Game. This blog features a list of women whose leadership style and personal brand inspire Jenn to identify herself as a leader. First one up, Lady Gaga.

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