Self-Worth Series On Radically Distinct Radio

THE UGLY DUCKLING: Most people remember the tale of The Ugly Duckling as a story about personal transformation for the better. Jenn talks about how it's also a story about going through life not knowing who you are.

FINDING YOUR PLACE: Jenn gets a little deeper into the ugly duckling parable and talks about finding your place, embracing your true self and achieving success.

HOW TO SELF EVALUATE: As part of the Self-Worth series, this is the episode that will help you self evaluate your self perception with an empowering mindset. Text RAD to the number 31996 to download the chart.

PERCEPTION IS REALITY: What you think, feel and believe about who you are affects how you show up in the world. In this week's episode, Jenn shows you how knowing yourself as the #1 is the first step to managing other people's perception of who you are and what you're capable of. Plus, the hula hoop lesson.