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Brand Strategy Consulting Services:

I’m someone who doesn’t do well with self-promotion and I was skeptical about the whole idea of personal branding because it just seems ‘fake’. Jenn brought home to me that if I identify my value and brand myself as such, it will make it easier to actually ‘be’ the person I am and make my overall career path easier. I like the idea of seeing myself as a business and branding myself in order to stay true to who I am,
what I’m good at & what I actual add value to.
Senior Engineering Manager, Cisco Systems Inc.

“When Jenn put me in front of a crowd and made me do monkey moves, I didn’t understand why she was doing that but shortly after I realized that I was naturally more confident standing and just speaking because after such moves everything else is a piece of cake! Now, every time when speaking in front of a crowd that I’m nervous of, I just think of that moment and everything else feels easy!”
Advisory Manager at Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Jenn Morgan has a rare talent and unique eye for observing what I’m working on and a way of articulating it that creates structure to move forward powerfully with my brand. Her ideas are both highly imaginative and strongly formatted to execute right away, which I appreciate. We’ve drastically increased engagement in our outbound marketing & PR efforts and we’ve quadrupled my teams ability to bring new leads into an initial sales conversation.
CEO Vision Quest Consulting, Boston, MA

"Love the pace and the results we are creating.  Best decision I made this year was to hire Jenn!!!"
— Wendy Capland, CEO Vision Quest Consulting

My audience loved Jenn Morgan's compelling presentation! Warm-hearted and clear, the energy in the room was rich and vibrant. People learned new insights from her in the moment and her expertise was wonderful. Each person came away with new tools which can be applied immediately to their unique life circumstances. I will truly be honored to have Jenn speak again.
Jessica Hadari
Founder, FEM Talks
Alliance of Women Leaders, Healers & Educators

Be ready to take lots of notes...Jenn gives tons of value. Make sure to eat your Wheaties, so you have the energy to keep up with this hot mamma!
Kimeiko Rae

I attended Jenn's Marketing for Conscious Entrepreneurs mini workshop in California and I was highly activated and inspired.
Her blueprint method is clear, her ability to connect, engage and inspire was refreshing. And she brings in a unique modern, sexy, cutting edge appeal to speaking about business entrepreneurship and your soul consciousness emerging.
Davin Infinity -
Visionary graphic designer, author, filmmaker & consultant (San Rafael, CA)

    "Love the pace and the results we are creating.  Best decision I made this year was to hire Jenn!!!"


    — Wendy Capland, CEO Vision Quest Consulting

Jenn helped me see it doesn't have to be complicated… [Jenn] made me feel at ease and break through the tension.
It was incredible. [Now] people really understand what I can do for them… They walk around with my postcard, seek me out, and then line up to work with me. It was just as I always imagined it could be.
Richard Allen, Chiropractor of Consciousness

I came to Jenn with three different businesses and three different elevator pitches. Working with her has given me one umbrella and one vision and one model that gives me room to expand. She provides clarity, direction, and structure to let my creativity loose. She's taken me to places much bigger than I imagined for myself, and she is constantly challenging my old assumptions and calling me to be bigger, more creative, and more visionary than I thought I could be…. and she's giving me the words for what I've been feeling called to do.
Renata Kowalczyk Collaborative Economy Catalyst, Bellingham, WA

I came to Jenn because I knew I had something to offer, but did not quite know how to express it. I knew I wanted to be set apart from the rest, but I needed a different set of eyes to see what I was fumbling to make clear, where I belonged in the market and just what the heck do I do. Jenn took me down a path of discovering my brand, but really it was self-discovery in a way. She has this amazing way of seeing what you can't see and showing you how it all fits together. I feel so empowered to really step out, shine my light, with confidence. If you want a truly unique brand and someone who is going to work with you every step of the way to create your vision, then you want to work with Jenn Morgan.
 Alexis Logan, Healer and Coach, Washington DC

Jenn just has this amazing way of pulling out my core philosophy, what I'm truly passionate about! She then helps me to see how this message can lay out into a marketing strategy - which is all so overwhelming to me normally. When she puts it in this context I can actually see the vision. We've only just begun working together, but already she is painting a picture of the business I'm excited to build. I finally feel like I have a business path and plan I can stand behind wholeheartedly!
Carmen McIntyre, L.Ac, Women's Health Activist, Access the energy to fuel your mission, Santa Cruz, CA


The brands Jenn creates blow away anything else I've seen on the internet.
Robin Owen, Photographer, Massillon, OH

Jenn has a unique way of giving form to your ideas so that you perceive them as real, practical in the world, and very do-able.
Leela Pastela, Life Coach, Seattle, WA

I felt … stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed. Jenn created a level of safety. She reminded me that not having good marketing skills doesn't mean that I am not good at what I do. I simply wasn't trained in marketing. Jenn’s clear guidance allowed my mind to settle and then she lit up pictures in my mind that gave me a sense of ownership over my business. It was fascinating. I know that I need way more help, but that was a promising start! I feel more at ease and clear about my next steps than I have from any other coach or program. And excited about growing my business :) I absolutely recommend Jenn. I appreciate her communication skills. I really appreciate the follow up! Her clarity helped me to see through my confusion and helped me see some patterns and suggested easy, clear, defined next steps. I was feeling lost and overwhelmed and now I feel some ground under my feet.  Aleksandra Bazinska, NLP Practitioner, Tucson, AZ

I’m a communications and messaging expert, so I’m very particular who I trust to give great feedback around my own brand. Aside from trusting Jenn implicitly, her discernment is invaluable. She helped me clarify possible premium packages, and made concrete suggestions for how to research various aspects and create a plan. I feel like I’m seeing more clearly what I do, how it’s different from others who do something similar, and what I have to offer. She is both intuitive and intelligent about strategizing and analyzing. Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA, Oakland, CA Authenticity Coach & Intuitive Business Strategist
I started noticing all the younger business owners around me use the internet to draw in many new prospects, so I went looking for a designer. I was struggling to communicate what I wanted to say and how to say it, and I really didn’t care for the designs I was getting back from him. That’s when I met Jenn. She did a very detailed assessment of what I was looking for and then told me, if I want more clients, this isn’t the right strategy for me. Shocking but it got my attention. She came up with this business card idea that really captured the essence of who I am and what I do. It inspired me to talk to all my clients about the very unique stylist I am. In two months, I was booked solid with color clients. One year later, I stopped taking new clients. Two years later, still booked solid with no room for new clients. The work we’ve done together has helped me fall back in love with my business and see myself as unique and valuable from my client’s perspective. I never would have guessed that was the secret ingredient to a thriving business. Janet Brewer, Salon 70, Seattle, WA     
Your Secret Ingredient for Beautiful Hair  
Jenn spent the time to get to know me and what I do and she helped me explain it very clearly. She held my hand step by step in a very structured way, and I realized anyone who wants to go out on their own really needs a branding mentor. She listened to me, my stories, how I view my passion in my terms and then thought about it in marketing terms and offered great ideas about how to express myself in a way that would make it stick. And it works! Everyone I meet loves the idea and wants to support me or work with me. I knew I had something different to offer, but until I went through this process with Jenn, I didn’t see the market value. She has given me the path, a powerful message, and a plan. Jenn helped turn my dream into reality. Matthew Chapman, Career Casting Agent, San Francisco, CA Access your Potential for the role of a lifetime.
I have been in business for years but never really had a marketing plan. I didn’t know what it was and was really scared about what to do. I came to point where I had a big mission, a product and a purpose that needed to be launched in a big way. Jenn championed me to get out of my way and get past my fears. Very patiently she met me where I was, never judged me, and was right in the moment. She held the reins, knew where we were going, and kept us on track with this wonderful combination of persistence and patience. She helped me realize how smart I actually am and helped me get it out of my head and onto paper. I didn’t realize what a difference that would make to people who are trying to find the help they need. Jenn gave me the guidance and support to get my brilliance down on paper. The big thing though is I see my purpose clearly and the real world value of my product.
Carol Daly, Hypnotherapist, Palo Alto, CA
Helps surgery patients create and maintain a healing state of mind
Jenn helped me find clarity around what my bigger message is as well as what set me apart from other psychics and intuitives while staying true to my values and mission. She also gave me profit clarity about how to reach my financial goals. Jenn listened to me while my mind went in five different directions, and she was able to both go with it and pull me back. She asked some really important overarching questions that I hadn't thought about. I would recommend her to anyone who struggles with the language of what they do (particularly in the holistic and wellness field) and people who benefit from a direct approach.
 Diana Dorell, The CEO Psychic www.TheDancingGoddess.com, Scottsdale, AZ

I was having problems writing my marketing and sales pieces. I couldn't launch the new business and website without the sales page; it felt like I couldn't get over that final hurdle to get my business out there. It was really holding me back and affecting my confidence. Jenn identified the problem — I was losing my voice and not writing from my heart. Once I had that problem pinpointed, the whole process became much easier. It made a huge difference. I would probably still be sitting with an un-launched website and a mountain of cheesy sales page drafts. I have also given myself much higher goals in terms of sales and feel far more confident about my new business.
 Jo Ebisujima, My Organized Chaos, Saitama, Japan

Jenn is the first marketing/branding person to understand me and my message and mission. I felt validated and that meant a lot to me. She … has me actually thinking going back out to the networking arena. Jenn’s a creative genius.
Sasu English, Healer, Santa Cruz, CA

When I started working with Jenn, I had a solid business plan, but no idea where to start with marketing. Jenn helped me break my marketing steps down into priorities. Jenn helped me be prepared for what ended up being the launch of my client base. I had people lined up to talk to me about my beauty products for three days. Prior to the expo, I was looking for investment to help me open the store. At the expo, I made enough money to cover first and last month rent, and we have our grand opening next month.
Desrene Grant-Anderson
Managing Director, DVine Living Essentials
Wrap yourself around an extraordinary life


Jenn gave me clarity on what I can offer in my wedding photography business to reflect all of my talents and services. She enabled me to think bigger and wider with what I can offer people while still being very specific. I felt Jenn really understood me as an artist and a solo business person. I felt validated as an artist, which gave me some confidence to think about attracting a different client that will completely value me and my services.
Michelle Hayes, Photographer, New York City

In just one session, Jenn helped me brand myself and two totally unrelated businesses in a unique way that reflects my personality and passion. Before I’ve even launched my program, Jenn’s help shaping my language helped me raise over $5,000 in just a few short weeks. I’m growing my online, leveraged business. I’ll be able to help many more business owners then I would have been able to do in the past. Jenn is fun, insightful and direct. She is professional and really knows her shit! Work with her if you are ready for the next level of your business and want to see how the bigger picture relates to the immediacy in a way that is organized and brilliant.
Laura Lamprecht, The Money Shaman, Helping you release money constipation and create financial abundance, Santa Cruz, CA

Jenn … got my creative spirit, added her own like a touch of spice, and had me laser focused on an action plan to achieve what I knew was possible. In our first session, we re-packaged my offer and created a really smart PR strategy that I can see people saying yes to! It was fun, easy and a total joy to work with her. I would absolutely recommend Jenn to my associates who want to learn how to pull rabbits out of hats for their next campaign. She's a good listener and an even better co-creator.
Alana Lea, Founder iGive Trees, Los Angeles | Rio de Janeiro

I came to Jenn because I knew I had something to offer, but did not quite know how to express it. I knew I wanted to be set apart from the rest, but I needed a different set of eyes to see what I was fumbling to make clear, where I belonged in the market and just what the heck do I do. Jenn took me down a path of discovering my brand, but really it was self-discovery in a way. She has this amazing way of seeing what you can't see and showing you how it all fits together. I feel so empowered to really step out, shine my light, with confidence. If you want a truly unique brand and someone who is going to work with you every step of the way to create your vision, then you want to work with Jenn Morgan.
 Alexis Logan, Healer and Coach, Washington DC

I signed up for Jenn’s Free Preview call and knew right away that I wanted to work with her. I’m ready to get sexy (and clear) about my business so I can strut my stuff like Jenn does! Jenn helped me see some of my own experiences as more valuable and explained how I could share them with potential clients to see if we were a match. I also like how she encourages you to reach out to people in your same field because it helps you stand out MORE. This is the new model of business, and Jenn is leading the way. She will help you visualize your business through the eyes of your best potential client
 Kimeiko Rae, Healer, Las Vegas, NV

I had no idea how I was going to take a vision as large as integrative planetary wellness and actually move it forward. I was struggling with right use of my time and staying focused. I wasn’t sure how to take my mission and package it in a way that is palatable and understandable to the mass public. Jenn helped me syphon it down to key distinct points that are applicable and relevant to the programs and events that we have on board right now. But the most important thing is, there is something about her and how she shines a light on what is great about me. In doing so, she helped get on point with my mission and vision. Jenn made me realize that all the things I could do paled in comparison to what I’m great at. Jenn opened up the entire map and then got laser focused on where to go first, and she helped me see my dream is really possible.
Tzadik Rosenberg-Greenberg, CEO Planet Co-Exist, Tuscon, AZ

You are fast becoming one of my favorite people to talk with. You have a way of adding value and vision to every conversation you engage in. You truly thrive on adding value to the lives of those you are interacting with through your words and unique vision for their lives. LOVE that about you! Lisa Williams, CPA

Need to generate more revenue in your business?

Here are four ways a brand strategy puts money in the bank.

1. A brand strategy increases the effectiveness of your sales process.

Whether it’s inspiring employees or shaping your marketing campaign, a brand strategy helps you focus your message so it grabs your audience and motivates them to take action. Here are two case studies illustrating how I helped attract and convert new business.

2. A brand strategy makes you more attractive to potential clients.

A brand strategy helps you tap into the passion that drives your work and find the words to express your value when marketing yourself. When others can see and feel your passion and you can communicate your value with confidence, more people are inspired to engage with you and refer you business. Here are two examples of how I helped service professionals boost their self-confidence as marketers and fill their book of business with word of mouth, networking campaigns.


3. A brand strategy saves you time and builds momentum.

Your marketing program needs two things to be successful: organization and focus. An effective brand strategy helps you organize your efforts around your current marketing assets before adding on new tactics that do not directly connect to revenue goals. Additionally, a brand strategy focuses your messaging around your unique value from your customer's perspective. This makes it easier to make decisions about what marketing mix will attract the right leads to grow your business. Here are two examples of how I helped entrepreneurs organize and focus their brands to launch their businesses.


4. A brand strategy gets you contracts.

Whether your work within a corporation or are an independent consultant, you are the CEO of your career. A brand strategy will help you stand out from your competition and shatter your own personal glass ceiling by transforming the way you show up in the business world. Personal branding gives you the words to articulate your value, the confidence to charge what you're worth and a strategy to play to your strengths. Here is a case study outlining how I helped a client transition her career and create the success she desired.