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How personal branding helped me launch my relationship coaching practice and make twice as much money as I ever had before. By Gemini Ferrie.



How personal branding helped me launch my relationship coaching practice.

By Gemini Ferrie


Summary: Gemini is a relationship coach with no prior business experience. Working on her brand with Jenn helped her focus and get discerning with her time. Within six months, her conversion rate reached 80%, she quit her other jobs and began working full time on growing her practice. She doubled her income in her first year. Read her version of the story below.


The Challenge:

I was in the middle of two business training programs and swimming in a sea of ideas. I had big dreams and lots of information about how to rev up my relationship coaching business, but I felt aimless and ineffective. And while my website was getting a fair number of hits, it wasn’t generating any real leads. The few low-paying clients I had were not bringing in enough revenue to justify leaving the paying jobs I had to leap headlong into this business venture. I was having a really tough time perceiving myself as a business woman and I needed help putting all the pieces together in a way that would make my business work.
I met Jenn at a sales training course and talked to her about the things I was struggling with. She determined that my target market was too broad and that I was spending a lot of time talking to too many people who weren’t really serious about getting help.


The Solution:

The first thing Jenn did was help me figure out how to identify my ideal customer. She helped me develop a questionnaire and showed me strategies for sorting out the serious ones from the time sucks. With that ideal client in mind, Jenn and I redesigned my website to generate leads and created an opt-in email strategy to capture and nurture those leads into sales conversations.

 Jenn taught me how to track my conversion rate, which was under 20 percent when we began working together, and how to improve it overtime. She gave me a structure to implement and a process for how to measure the results I was getting, learn from them and improve on the results. Essentially she helped me customize basic business strategies into action steps that I could easily understand and accomplish.

Jenn helped me to think about myself and my business as a brand and showed me how to evaluate the creative and strategic merit of my ideas and make my own decisions. She didn’t just dictate actions that I followed like a zombie.


The Results:

I gained confidence in my ability to make good, practical decisions and it became easier for me to get and retain clients. Within six months of working with Jenn, my conversion rate grew to 80%, I was able to stop working all those part-time jobs and focus full-time on growing my business. I made $60K in my first year.


Two years later: After some major upheavals in my life, I contacted Jenn because I was feeling stuck and needed to refine and reinvigorate my business. Jenn conducted her brand assessment to evaluate the state of my business. She taught me how to assess my client relationship building progress and how to look at each relationship objectively to find areas where I had successfully pulled in the right client and instances where I had pushed them away.

We worked together to tighten up my niche market and developed a new front-end, targeted message on my website homepage that reduced my bounce rate by 54 percent: “I help women stop wasting their time trying to change every man into The One so they can fall in love with the Right man and be treated like the Goddess they are.”

Working with Jenn again launched me into action and got my creativity surging. I was focused and excited about my business once more. I have found my authentic voice. Now I know exactly what to say. Jenn isn’t just a business coach. She has wisdom and intuition. She looked at my whole being – my business and my personal life -- and then used all of it to help me improve my company. Its holistic business coaching and it was precisely what I needed to gain clarity, feel energized and get back into action.


Gemini Ferrie, Relationship Coach, Los Angeles, CA