How a brand strategy inspires customers to enroll themselves into your call to action.


Summary: Marcia is an inspirational speaker and thought leader with one of the highest sales conversion rates in the industry. When she speaks to an audience of more than 100 people, her track record dictates that 35 percent of them will become new clients. When Jenn joined Marcia's team, she was in the midst of a proposal for her 15th book, reorganizing her company offerings and preparing for an upcoming revenue generating event. This case study reveals how Jenn's brand strategy helped Marcia successfully launch her new program, double her conversion rate and generate $2M in sales.

The Challenge:

For the past six months, Marcia had been hustling to fill the Wealthy Visionary event. She had 400 people registered. Her plan was to offer her new mystery school program called The Meaning Institute for $10K. Since her price point was significantly higher than her past programs and it was her first time making the offer, Marcia figured a conservative conversion rate for her new program would be about 25% (or 10 percentage points beneath her average). Her goal was to enroll at least 100 people and generate $1 million in revenue.

Although Marcia had a company producing the event, she was still spending most of her time trying to fill the room with attendees and hadn’t had time to set the context for why people coming to her event would want to invest in this new more expensive program.

She needed to answer the question: “How do I get others to justify spending $10K to finding deeper meaning in their life?”


The Solution:

To understand Marcia and her audience, Jenn researched the words “wealthy” and “visionary” to get a better grasp of why people would be attracted to them and therefore, the event. She discovered that the core meaning of the word wealthy originates from the old English word “weal.” And while the modern definition of wealthy means the abundance of material possessions, the original definition of wealth means an abundance of possessions and resources to the benefit of the common good. In other words, the modern day definition of wealthy had changed through the years. With this as her core premise, Marcia could make a case for how her program would help participants contribute their gifts in service to the greater good of humanity. 

From this insight, Marcia and Jenn created a series of exercises to help people identify what being a Wealthy Visionary means to them.

Jenn created a cost and benefit analysis of gaining meaning in one’s life and then worked with Marcia to develop it into processes and exercises for participants to work through to determine if The Meaning Institute was right for them.
The event was a success and by the end of the third day, Marcia had enrolled 200 people -- half the room – and generated $2 million in revenue, double the goal she had set.

Today, Marcia is perceived as a global thought leader who helps hundreds of people find and live a purposeful and meaningful life.

Jenn Morgan is one of the most brilliant marketing people I know. She is great at creating the structure, container and the format for me to step into my flow and articulate the real value of what we do for people. Her organic clarification processes have been tremendously helpful in preparation for the Wealthy Visionary conference and the launch of our new program. Working with her as my personal consultant was exactly the support I needed to take my company to it's next evolution. Jenn Morgan is beyond brilliant—and you can quote me on that!
— Marcia Wieder, CEO of Dream University, Beverly Hills, CA