How to Re-align Your Status and Level Up Your Career

Summary: When you master your expertise, you are naturally more intuitive and innovative with what you can accomplish. But, if you’re an independent professional, this adjustment can make it hard for you to attract and speak clearly with prospective new clients without undermining that expertise. This is a story about how Jenn helped a chiropractor re-align his status and up-level his career with a brand image that portrayed him as a leading-edge professional.




Before working with Jenn, Dr. Richard Allen was a chiropractor with a message he couldn’t quite explain. He had been a chiropractor for over three decades, but over the years had transitioned from the traditional technique and began incorporating deeper healing and counseling into his practice. He was having near-miraculous results with patients suffering from Crohn’s, Lupus and Fibromyalgia as well as depression, chronic fatigue, anxiety and allergies.

As he built his business in this new way, both he and his clients struggled to put into words what he was actually doing to improve their health. The term “chiropractor” didn’t quite capture it anymore. Even his business card failed to reflect his professionalism. His existing clients had found him by word of mouth, but he was finding it difficult to gain new ones. What’s more, he felt he was giving away too many free sessions to help people understand what he did. He needed help identifying his brand so that his existing and potential clients could, too.



Struggle with self promotion? This 5-week brand strategy webinar helps women become their own best brand manager.  Learn more here.

Struggle with self promotion? This 5-week brand strategy webinar helps women become their own best brand manager. Learn more here.

Jenn assessed Dr. Allen’s case and determined that the problem was that he had developed two different types of clients — clients that needed help healing their bodies and clients in the healing profession who needed help sharpening their skills. Along the way, he had even stopped using the words “chiropractor” and “Dr.” to describe himself because he felt they did not reflect what he actually did. Jenn showed Dr. Allen that by doing this, he was diminishing his status in the healing profession. She told him that he needed to redefine his personal brand and claim his title as a doctor, so he could differentiate himself from the other healers out there and continue to mentor them as clients.

The other problem Jenn assessed was Dr. Allen’s business card. They looked unprofessional; were printed on cheap paper with a giant blue heart on the front. One of his best clients was a member of the original Facebook executive team -- a wealthy guy with many friends who could use Dr. Allen’s help. But there was no way he was going to hand out that cheap looking business card to his buddies. Dr. Allen needed a visual identity that matched his professional status, that his clients would be proud to share with their friends.



Take your career to the next level or launch a new business with the help of one of  Jenn's coaching programs .

Take your career to the next level or launch a new business with the help of one of Jenn's coaching programs.

Jenn coined the term “Chiropractor of Consciousness” to better describe Dr. Allen’s services.  She helped him redefine the way he spoke about his work and articulate more clearly what he does, making it easier for people to understand. Working with a graphic designer, she created a visual representation that was both modern and classic, setting Dr. Allen apart from other healers in his industry and making it easy for his corporate clients to pass along his cards.

As a result, potential patients at networking events started seeking him out based on the promotional materials Jenn created and actually waited in line to speak with him. This make-over changed Dr. Allen’s brand image from an ordinary metaphysical healer to a mainstream, leading-edge kind of chiropractor, treating the entire person – mind, body, emotions and spirit.  His new upgraded identity allowed him to stand out from his peers. Not only did he gain new clients, he was also able to raise his rates. And, his top-end clients were excited to pass out his new cards.


“It was incredible. People really understanding what I could do for them, walking around with my postcard, seeking me out, and then lining up to work with me. It was just as I always imagined it could be. Jenn helped me to see it doesn't have to be complicated."
—Dr. Richard Allen, DC

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