The Transformational Power of Knowing My Brand

by Jeanne Supin

After 20 years as a successful organizational consultant, I had come up against my own glass ceiling. Though I loved my work, I was nearing retirement and wanted the final chapter of my career to be more profound and fulfilling. I was taking a series of workshops in my search for answers, but coming up dry. I knew I wanted to expand my business and I was open to change. But what? And how?

I met Jenn at a sales event while wrestling with this self-analysis, and within a week we began working together to identify my unique value. We asked this question: As an organizational consultant, what is my particular expertise? What makes me radically distinct from my peers?

As a consultant now accepting consultation from someone else, I was not the most cooperative client. I often joked, “I don’t like having done to me what I do to others!” But through a series of exercises over the next few weeks, Jenn saw right through me.

I discovered that I’m not just an organizational consultant – I consult about change. My expertise and strength, lay in helping executives, their teams, and their organizations design, execute, and flourish through change as they expand or merge into larger, better organizations.  Jenn describes me as a lightning rod, grounding the people around me as they lean into, adjust to, and then harness the storm swirling around them.  

Within months of working with Jenn to identify my unique value as a change guru, I hit my stride. Almost out of the blue, a Los Angeles company engaged me for a lively, one-day training session about change for all 400 of its employees. And for the first time in my career I was booking my trainings 12-18 months out. What’s more, I’m making more money, have other consultants marketing my training, and am able to take two vacations a year. I’ve written three business and change-related curricula and books, which I’m now turning into eBooks and submitting to publishers. And I launched the first of a series of online programs about taking – and actually enjoying – radical leaps.  

Most importantly, I’m happy. I’m more excited, energized, and fulfilled by my work than I’ve been in years. I love what I do. I love my training participants and I’ve found new inspiring colleagues – all of which I never expected at this late stage in my career. Jenn is an astoundingly great coach. I tell everyone that she was essential in helping me create my own transformation. 

Jeanne Supin, Boone, NC
Change Management Guru


"What’s more, I’m making more money, have other consultants marketing my training, and am able to take two vacations a year."