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Learn how thinking like a brand will give your career a competitive edge

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This workshop series will help you perceive your personal brand from three different perspectives.

The Personal Perspective —

Career success isn't worth much without an enjoyable life experience. Learning how to organize and prioritize your career around your unique value gives you the focus to set goals that meet both your emotional and financial needs. This clarity helps you focus your attention toward the efficient and effective use of your time and resources to create the reality you intend.

The Business Perspective —

Building a reputation that others trust is key to building a powerful brand. To do that, you have to get comfortable promoting who you are, what you can do and the unique value it brings to others with integrity. Mastering this skill will help you identify new opportunities, attract right fit relationships, negotiate for a higher salary, gain recognition in your industry and influence others to champion you and your ideas.

The Cultural Perspective —

We live in a specialized workforce. To be uniquely you and share your specialized talents, you need community support. In addition to providing an environment for you to contribute your gifts, a community gives you a sense of belonging that fuels your passion to produce results. The cultural lens helps you re-think networking and how to build the social value required to achieve success.

September 18th focus: Identity Perception — You’ll learn how what you think about yourself effects how you show up in the world and how to expand your brand awareness to increase your effectiveness.

September 25th focus: Positioning Value — You’ll learn the difference between the work you do and the value you provide so you can negotiate on your behalf and present your ideas with power.

October 2nd focus: Image and Politics — You'll learn the difference between image and identity and how to use your perceptual skills to navigate the politics of business and uphold your image with integrity.


October 9th focus: Career Management — You’ll learn how to look at your life's work from a brand perspective, set goals that narrow your choices and focus your plan to suit your desired lifestyle.

October 16th focus: Confident Communication — You’ll learn what it means to be a fit communicator in the modern market place and how to use your brand mindset to reclaim your voice, get out of your comfort zone and achieve your vision as a powerful brand.

it's PERSONAL BRAND training starts on September 18th.

We'll meet every Friday from 10am–12pm PST.

Registration is closed.



In this workshop, Jenn breaks down the brand building process from a producer's perspective to teach you how to perceive yourself as a brand and take actions aligned to the results you want to create. We'll work together to focus your brand, clarify your path and design a plan you're inspired to take action on. 

Day 1

Day 2

S1: Brand Strategy: Focus Your Brand To Direct Your Path

The workshop begins with an overview of brand strategy as a methodology for attracting people and resources that are aligned to your goals. You’ll learn the sacred geometry of the #1 and how to use it to create better results in a faster amount of time. The objective is to get on the same page regarding the practical application of each of the segments of the brand profiling process and how we will work together over the next two days. 

S2: Calling In Your People: You In 3-D

Our first objective is to hone in on the right type of people for you to target by helping you identify your vision. You’ll learn the difference between a vision and a goal, how to use them as attractive aspects of your brand and write a brand vision statement that you can step into immediately.

S 3: Positioning Yourself Like A Pro: Know Thy Value, Communicate Thy Message

Our next objective is to define the value of who you are and what you offer from the perspective of your audience. We’ll break it down into 3 to 5 core differentiators that set you apart from others vying for the same attention and resources. You’ll learn how to use those as the foundation of all your communications and how to turn it into a positioning statement that clarifies who you are and what you seek.

S4: Finding Your Voice

We start out the second day with a review of your brand profile and begin crafting your elevator pitch. You’ll spend some time working on it in a small group and then you’ll share it with the entire group. During that time, you’ll get coaching from Jenn and feedback from the group on the effectiveness of your message and the enthusiasm of your delivery.


S5: Confident Networking

Now that everyone knows who you are and you’re seeking, we begin masterminding strategies for how to get you in front of the right people. You’ll learn new networking strategies and how to work a room at a networking event in order to get the most out of your time and energy. Then, we’ll practice.


S6: Inspired Action Plan

The workshop concludes with a strategic planning session designed to help put everything together and focus it down into 3 achievable goals. You’ll learn how to overcome frustration by focusing your attention on the actions you can control, how to improve your results and how to track your progress so that you stay engaged and committed to your goals. 

What you get

  • In-depth brand theory lessons with examples from contemporary business and popular culture
  • Challenges and prompts to enhance your brand perception
  • Case studies of how Jenn's clients are utilizing this methodology in various industries
  • A fully-comprehensive terms section
  • Recordings of the entire course for you to download and keep
  • Q and A session with Jenn at the end of each workshop

Each workshop is a LIVE two hour interactive experience in a webinar format.

All you need is access to the internet and a quiet space to listen in. Before each workshop you will receive an email with all relevant information, links and an assignment.

You will be able to ask questions throughout the workshop and at the end during the Q and A session. If you can't make the workshop live, don't worry. You'll have access to the recordings and you can send in questions via email.


5 WEEK WEBINAR — Presented by Jenn Morgan

it's PERSONAL BRAND is a brand workshop designed to help you pro-actively shape your career path.

You'll learn a framework for looking at goals from a designer perspective and solving challenges with an entrepreneurial approach. Utilizing examples from contemporary business and popular culture, Jenn will define and differentiate the primary principles of a powerful brand and how to use these insights to stand out from your peers, play to your strengths and create your desired future.

  • Registration is closed
  • Start date: September 18th
  • Duration: 5 weeks, every Friday @ 10am–12pm PST
  • Fee: $250
  • If you can't make it live, don't worry. All sessions will be recorded and you can email in your questions for Jenn to answer on the next class.

Course description

More than a clever logo, your brand is the perception that other people have about you. Many people assume that branding is something you do once you are successful, but Jenn Morgan will show you how proactively managing your brand is the key to your success. In this course, Jenn breaks down the brand building process from a personal, business and cultural perspective to teach you how to identify the difference between what you think and feel about yourself as a brand. She'll show you how to expand your self perception to access deeper levels of courage and authenticity and how doing so sets you and others at ease. In the end, you'll be more influential with how you talk to yourself and more confident in how you present yourself and your ideas to the world.

Each workshop focus is an unique experience designed to train you to identify your unique self and embody your brand. Jenn uses a mix of diagrams and videos to demonstrate the difference between a thought, a feeling and an action and how to use the information to organize your brand mindset.

You’ll be inspired and walk away armed with a methodical process for making confident decisions that honor who you are and influence other people to have a positive perception of your brand.

Course instructor

Jenn Morgan is a brand strategist and business coach with 15 years’ experience producing advertising for brands and helping leaders showcase their talent in the business world. She’s produced custom campaigns for companies such as Coca-Cola & Netflix, and directed the personal brand strategies of corporate executives and creative entrepreneurs in the USA, Canada, Australia, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Poland and Africa.

She is an independent business woman with a solid reputation as a visionary problem-solver and creative tactician in the fields of brand advertising, digital photography, media production, direct sales and marketing and professional development. Her clients have reduced production costs by fifty percent, doubled their sales conversion rates, quadrupled their ability to attract qualified leads and expanded their ability to influence and earn greater respect in the boardroom.

Jenn’s passionate about helping people identify and know their personal value in business. Her workshops are unique because she teaches people how to identify and focus their radically distinct perspective. This gives them greater confidence in themselves, more skill to influence others and more courage to charge what they're worth.