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Bringing My Vision to Life as a Powerful Brand

After years of developing her expertise and building her sales and marketing skills, Julie was struggling to pull all the pieces together and connect with potential customers to get her business off the ground. This story reveals how branding helped Julie engage new clients and take calculate steps toward building her business. Read the story here

Bringing My Vision To Life As A Powerful Brand

by Julie Pierce

What if you build it and no one comes? For so many years, I was trying to market a service and product geared toward women who wanted to get pregnant. But I was way ahead of the curve and I didn’t even realize it.

With a background in holistic health and a troublesome fertility journey of my own, I understood that before a woman can move from the desire to conceive to motherhood, she first has to recognize and heal conflicts and learn to love herself. In this process of healing and learning, the body can regain its natural fertile potential and be receptive to any needed assistance in the reproductive process.

I had developed a website around this concept, had a successful blog with a strong following, and was offering fertility coaching for women. Many who would be potential clients were locked on a single focus: getting pregnant now! Their interest in whole-body-soul healing was minimized because time was ticking and they often believed if they could just find the right person, drug, or procedure to fix their bodies, then their pregnancies would manifest. I know because I was one of them.

I was at an impasse: I was offering a sustainable solution, not a quick fix.

By the time I met Jenn, I was losing money and hope. She quickly assessed the problem: I was trying to sell preventative health care to women who were not open to seeing the bigger message their bodies were sending. I was so busy trying to conform to other people’s vision of what my business should be, she told me, that I couldn’t see how far ahead I was of everyone else.

She told me my ideas were cutting edge, but until I could clearly articulate them, no one would be able to understand or receive them. This was the gap between me and my potential clients. Jenn helped me see that if I wanted to close the gap, I needed to position my brand as a leader and educate my market around a whole new way of managing health.

With Jenn’s guidance, I discovered that my real passion is in teaching women how to confidently be the masters of their health and wellness. Working with her, I developed a stronger conviction around my original idea and I gained more confidence in educating people about why they needed what I was selling. I learned to stop concentrating so much on what people wanted to hear but rather to focus on the strength and value of my own point of view. Jenn and I worked together for a year and finally she said time was up. We needed to stop talking about ideas and put them to market.

Together, we  clarified my vision and developed a marketing plan for turning the company into a resource center and conduit to my products and services. Julona was born—inspired by Bona Dea, the Roman goddess of women and healing, worshipped exclusively by women—and built from the ground up to fit the new image. Jenn and her team designed an online presence for Julona across multiple platforms, including strategy for the blog and social media. She created a publicity kit and coached my performances as I pitched my business in front of the camera. “As I began to see this new vision take shape, I thought OK, I’ve landed. Let me drop anchor and get off the boat.”

I still offer fertility coaching as part of a broader focus on health and wellness management, using a methodology of “self-health” care, empowering women to understand what their bodies are telling them, know what they need, and confidently collaborate with care providers. I feel more authentic and true to my passion. I can now see the difference between where I want to take my clients and where they are. It’s easier for me to connect with them.

My promotional materials and website,, now reflect my personal brand, which encompasses my expertise for educating women about managing their health and wellness goals. My brand is a testament to the broader vision I have for Julona as an organization. I’m clear about the direction of my business and able to slow down and make thoughtful decisions about the right action for my business. I’m more confident than ever about finding creative ways to grow my brand.

Julie Pierce

Health Management Expert and Founder of Julona


"Jenn helped me discover that my real passion is in teaching women how to be the leader of their health care."
“As I began to see this new vision take shape, ‘I thought OK, I’ve landed on the planet. Let me drop anchor and get off the boat.”