2 DAY WORKSHOP — Seattle, WA

it's PERSONAL BRAND is a RADICALLY DISTINCT brand building program for people who want to create a renewed presence in the world and accelerate the rate at which they achieve their goals.

This immersive style training utilizes The RAD Method™ to guide you through the process of finding your voice as a brand and differentiating yourself from others competing for the same attention and resources. No matter what your objective is, you'll leave this workshop with a new perception, voice and strategy (custom fit to your brand) for how to show up in the world and attract the results you desire.

Here's what that looks like:  

  • Vision Statement that you can live everyday.
  • Positioning statement that clarifies what you do for who.
  • Unique value proposition that differentiates you from your peers.
  • Elevator Pitch tuned to your brand voice.
  • Action Plan.
  • 10 like-minded people who now know you and the value you offer.

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  • Registration is CLOSED
  • Dates: March 4th & 5th, 2017
  • Times: 9am-6pm
  • Location: TBD, North Seattle
  • Fee: $1297

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“I’m someone who doesn’t do well with self-promotion and I was skeptical about the whole Idea of personal branding, but it’s PERSONAL BRAND completely changed my mind. I like the idea of seeing myself as a business and branding myself in order to stay true to who I am, what I’m good at & what I actually add value to.”


—MICHELLE CONCANNON, Senior Engineering Manager, Cisco Systems Inc.

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Is this You?

You provide a valuable service, but spend too much time trying to explain what you do and you aren't attracting the right clients/partners/opportunities. 


You're really good at what you do, but aren't receiving the respect you deserve from employees, peers and maybe even friends.


So many people do what you do or want what you want, the competition is steep and you don’t know how to set yourself apart so that you stand out.


You have a business you want to launch or new career path you want to take, but you don’t know where to start or what marketing avenues to pursue. 


You have lots of ideas about what you want next, but you tend to start and stop or spin in circles not quite getting anywhere. 


You need a brand strategy. Not just any brand strategy. You need a Radically Distinct, personal brand strategy.

A brand strategy is careful method for achieving a goal that takes into account the relationships and rules that must be formed or dismantled in order to achieve the goal.

For an individual, the first relationship that has to be considered is the one you have with yourself. You need to know your value and how to communicate it before you can represent it effectively. When you are clear about your unique value, it’s much easier to figure out your next step and the things standing in your way of success.

This is personal work because your time and energy are personal. Your value is personal. Your reputation is personal. Your future is personal.

It's challenging to do this work on your own because it's not a linear, logical path. It's an emotional one. When you get it right, you feel excited to take action. When you get wrong, you feel overwhelmed and confused.

If you’re looking for a methodical process that gets you focused and into action, it’s PERSONAL BRAND is what you’ve been looking for.





S1: Brand Strategy: Focus Your Brand To Direct Your Path

The workshop begins with an overview of brand strategy as a methodology for attracting people and resources that are aligned to your goals. You’ll learn the sacred geometry of the #1 and how to use it to create better results in a faster amount of time. The objective is to get on the same page regarding the practical application of each of the segments of the brand profiling process and how we will work together over the next two days. 


Practical Application of Your Personal Vision

Our first objective is to hone in on the right type of people for you to target by helping you identify your vision. You’ll learn the difference between a vision and a goal, how to use them as attractive aspects of your brand and write a brand vision statement that you can step into immediately. Listen to the lesson below for a sneak peek of what we'll be talking about.


S 3: Positioning Yourself Like A Pro: Know Thy Value, Communicate Thy Message

Our next objective is to define the value of who you are and what you offer from a third person perspective. We’ll break it down into 3 to 5 core differentiators that set you apart from others vying for the same attention and resources. You’ll learn how to use those as the foundation of all your communications and how to turn it into a positioning statement that clarifies who you are and what you seek.

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“Jenn provides such a unique way of looking at people and situations that she gave my program ideas structure and form. After a few hours of the training, my vision was clear and I knew what I should be doing next with my career.”


—LISA WILLIAMS, AVP Vendor Management, Home Street Bank, Seattle, WA




S4: Finding Your Voice

We start out the second day with a review of your brand profile and begin crafting your elevator pitch. You’ll spend some time working on it in a small group and then you’ll share it with the entire group. During that time, you’ll get coaching from Jenn and feedback from the group on the effectiveness of your message and the enthusiasm of your delivery.


S5: Confident Networking

Now that everyone knows who you are and you’re seeking, we begin masterminding strategies for how to get you in front of the right people. You’ll learn new networking strategies and how to work a room at a networking event in order to get the most out of your time and energy. Then, we’ll practice.


S6: Inspired Action Plan

The workshop concludes with a strategic planning session designed to help put everything together and focus it down into 3 achievable goals. You’ll learn how to overcome frustration by focusing your attention on the actions you can control, how to improve your results and how to track your progress so that you stay engaged and committed to your goals. 

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“it’s PERSONAL BRAND helped me to form a partnership with an old boys’ organization that I thought I’d never get on board. Jenn’s coaching around strategy and approach helped me clarify what my true intention was and how to approach it in a way that these particular men could hear. I got everything I wanted doing the exact opposite of what I thought I should.”


—HILARY HODGE, Executive Director of Sierra Commons, a non-profit Business Education Center and Coworking Space in Northern California. 

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You'll walk Away With...

  • Vision Statement that you can live everyday.
  • Positioning statement that clarifies what you do for who.
  • Unique value proposition that differentiates you from your peers.
  • Elevator Pitch tuned to your brand voice.
  • Action Plan.
  • 10 like-minded people who now know you and the value you offer.
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“Her branding anecdotes are so personally relevant that she makes even the most complicated topics engaging and easy to understand. Hands down one of the best trainings I’ve attended in a long time.”


— SHAUN HEINEKEN, Senior Technical Recruiter at Disney, Seattle, WA




Workshops require 5 participants minimum to run. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the workshop up to 5 days before the start date. If this happens, you will receive a refund or option to transfer to a later date.