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A 5-week webinar to help women in business give their career a competitive edge



5 WEEK WEBINAR — Presented by Jenn Morgan

it's PERSONAL BRAND is a brand strategy online workshop designed to help you showcase your talent in business.

You'll learn a framework for looking at career from a designer perspective and evaluating your situation like a strategist. Utilizing examples from contemporary business and popular culture, Jenn personalizes the primary principles of a brand to help you generate your own insights on how to stand out from your peers, play to your strengths and create your desired future.

  • Registration is open
  • Start date: January 22nd
  • Duration: 5 weeks, every Friday @ 9am–11am PST
  • Fee: $599
  • If you can't make it live, don't worry. All sessions will be recorded and you can email in your questions for Jenn to answer on the next class.

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it’s PERSONAL BRAND helped me to form partnership with an old boys’ organization that I thought I’d never get on board. Jenn’s coaching around strategy and approach helped me clarify what my true intention was and how to approach it in a way that would work for these particular men. I got everything I wanted doing the exact opposite of what I thought I should.

Hilary Hodge, Executive Director of Sierra Commons, a non-profit Business Education Center and Coworking Space in Northern California. 


Course description

More than a clever logo, your brand is the perception that other people have about you. Many people assume that branding is something you do once you are successful, but Jenn Morgan shows you how proactively managing your brand is the key to your success. In this course, Jenn breaks down the brand building process from a personal perspective to teach you how to identify the difference between what you think and feel about yourself as a brand. She'll show you how to expand your self perception to access deeper levels of courage and authenticity and how doing so sets you and others at ease. You'll learn how knowing your brand makes you influential with others and more confident in how you present yourself and your ideas to the world. In the end, you'll have a new foundation for your personal brand and new perspective on how to show up in the business world.

Jenn's class takes intangible concepts like confidence and perception and makes them concrete and easy to grasp and relate to my personal situation. I gained a holistic perspective on how my fifteen years’ experience in HR management, roles as a mother and a wife and my lifestyle all contribute to my ability to create my vision.

— Wendy Austin, Entrepreneur


What to expect

  • Each session is 2 hours where Jenn presents her brand lessons with images, videos and case studies to illustrate her talking points and gives you challenges and prompts to enhance your brand perception.
  • Each class comes with a worksheet to help you work through the assignment.
  • You will be able to ask questions throughout the workshop and at the end during the Q & A session.
  • You'll receive access to a private Facebook group for networking.

Each workshop is a LIVE two hour interactive experience in a webinar format.

There will be interactive discussions as a group so you’ll have a chance to hear people's points of view.

All you need is access to the internet and a quiet space to listen in. Before each workshop you will receive an email with all relevant information, links and an assignment.

If you can't make the workshop live, don't worry. You'll have access to the recordings that you can download and keep. Plus, you can send in questions via email.

Jenn provides such a unique way of looking at people and situations that she gave my program ideas structure and form. After the first class, my vision was clear and I knew what I should be doing next with my career.

—Lisa Williams, AVP Vendor Management, Home Street Bank, Seattle, WA



January 22nd focus: Professional Vision — What it is, why it’s important to have one and how to create one.

January 29th focus: Identity Perception — Why knowing who you are gives you power and influence in business.

February 5th focus: Positioning Yourself — What it means to know your value, why it’s important, and how to do it.

February 12th focus: Self Promotion— The real reason you’re adverse to it, why doing it well feels good and how to do it better.

February 19th focus: Strategic Approach — The difference between a masculine and feminine strategic approach, why you gravitate towards one or the other and how to get better at both.

it's PERSONAL BRAND training starts on January 22nd.

We'll meet every Friday from 9am–11am PST.


Course instructor

Jenn Morgan is a brand strategist and business coach with 15 years’ experience producing advertising for brands and helping leaders showcase their talent in the business world. She’s produced custom campaigns for companies such as Coca-Cola & Netflix, and directed the personal brand strategies of corporate executives and creative entrepreneurs in the USA, Canada, Australia, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Poland and Africa.

She is an independent business woman with a solid reputation as a visionary problem-solver and creative tactician in the fields of brand advertising, digital photography, media production, direct sales and marketing and professional development. Her clients have reduced production costs by fifty percent, doubled their sales conversion rates, quadrupled their ability to attract qualified leads and expanded their ability to influence and earn greater respect in the boardroom.

Jenn’s passionate about helping people identify and know their personal value in business. Her workshops are unique because she teaches people how to identify and focus their radically distinct perspective. This gives them greater confidence in themselves, more skill to influence others and more courage to charge what they're worth.