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Radically Distinct Radio hosted by Jenn Morgan, is a globally syndicated radio show for people who want to become better CEO's of their lives, careers and businesses.

The Leadership Style of Beyoncé

Musician and entrepreneur, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is an American queen. If there was such a role, she'd take the crown because of her iconic Barbie doll image and the way she commands attention and adoration from her fans. This is a post about Beyoncé's personal brand of leadership.


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The Leadership Style of Maria Popova

Information Age leader, Maria Popova, is a cultural decider. She meticulously curates original content that connects the work of though leaders and artists across genres to help her audience look beyond their social media news feed to find a deeper experience. Read this post to learn more about her personal brand of leadership.

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Leadership Style: How to Level Up Your Personal Brand

For the past year, Wendy Capland and Jenn Morgan worked together to dream, philosophize, strategize about what women in business need to feel inspired to step into their Leadership A-Game. This blog features a list of women whose leadership style and personal brand inspire Jenn to identify herself as a leader. First one up, Lady Gaga.

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[Video] Jenn as a Caterpillar on the Path to Becoming a Butterfly

I went through a quarter life crisis that started about six years ago. For the first time, I was uncertain about my future and the career path I had chosen. I'd always been an independent contractor and I was used to ebbs and flows of freelance life. But, this was different because I felt that I had lost my way. I created this video a couple years into my journey of self-discovery and reinvention. It helped me better understand myself and what I was experiencing. As I went through the exercise of embodying a caterpillar on her path to becoming a butterfly, I couldn't help but see myself in her story.

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FIT TO COMMUNICATE: How to Get Heard in a Noisy World

It doesn’t matter what your status, walk of life or income bracket, technology has infiltrated all our lives and created a wedge between us and our connections with each other. While marketers will tell you to shorten your message into bite-sized chunks for different platforms and communication styles, Jenn Morgan says, “if you’re not fit to communicate in the modern market, then it’s all essentially a waste of time.” This white paper reveals the underlying mechanics behind an effective message and how to use them to get your point across amid all the distractions.

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