Empowering You To Be Radically Distinct™

Personal Program:

Take control of your future.

Become your own CEO, capable of shaping and guiding your career, independent of the job you hold or the company you build, with a personalized brand development program by Jenn Morgan. You’ll clarify your vision, create goals that align your personal and professional objectives and learn how to position and build a brand reputation that people like, respect and trust.

Team Program:

Leverage your assets.

Find your voice on the team and build the confidence you need to take risks and achieve your collective potential with Jenn Morgan as your team's performance coach. You'll learn to honor, respect and trust each other, regardless of your respective roles, so you can work together as a unified front, maximize one another’s strengths and develop ideas at an exponential rate.

Business Program:

Position your brand for success.

Create an organized and methodical process to connect your value propositions to the hearts and minds of your target audience with Jenn Morgan as your brand manager. Your teams will get clear direction for how to accomplish business goals for your brand and will be inspired to be more creative within your companies’ strategic initiatives. Your customers will be educated and entertained so that they can learn what’s so great about your company and be inspired to engage your brand.

Will you be with us?

Will you be with us?


Get Ready To Blow The Lid Off Your Biz-Dev Game! 

Imagine sitting at a roundtable alongside 14 other Senior Members and Partners of firms that serve Seattle’s commercial real estate market. Much more than another luncheon, this is a council of purpose and a strategic think tank with collective marketing power.


This is precision networking.

The REal Masterminds convenes once per month to learn and network. Initially there will be some “getting acquainted” time allotted, but these meetings are focused with agendas. Agendas based on discussing the latest trends in the real estate industry and business development. Brainstorming is a consistent theme as these bright minds come together to share their thoughts and wisdom as some of the most influential “players on the field.”


Benefit Rich. Time Effective. Marketing Power.

Hosted and organized by Jenn Morgan of Radically Distinct at The Columbia Tower Club. Your membership includes monthly roundtable discussions with breakfast, featured speakers and an optional multimedia marketing program to boost your brand.


Those in the know... grow.

Ultimately, our goal is to get together, talk amongst ourselves in a small group setting and build relationship with each other. All the while contributing to the public discussion of Urban Development and Real Estate in the region, expanding our networks, raising our profiles and developing new business. Schedule a meeting with Jenn to learn more.

Limited availability. Starts early October. Dates and time TBD with council members.





A 3-month brand coaching program to help you express your brand effectively and creatively on projects in your personal and professional life. You’ll to become your own best brand manager and learn tricks of the trade from a production & business standpoint that will help you become a better director of time, resources and people.



Spend the day with Jenn to dive deep into your current project, mastermind your strategy and customize your presentation. You’ll leave with a plan of attack, scripts for how to communicate your intentions clearly to others and resources for increasing your effectiveness and maximizing your budget.



Over a series of six weeks, Jenn will walk you through a methodical program designed to organize the way you think about yourself and your unique value into a brand framework. You’ll have a shtick complete with an elevator pitch, professional bio and creative angle for developing the unique look and feel of your Radically Distinct brand.

Contact to Jenn to discuss your case and determine which program is right for you.

This complimentary brand mindset digital training will help you increase your confidence and ability to produce results in the networking experience.

You'll learn how to:

  • Approach a group cold.

  • Pitch your message so that others hear it.

  • Accomplish your goals while respecting others' needs.

  • Exit the conversation gracefully.


it's PERSONAL BRAND Curriculum

Workshop 1 — Personal Brand Identity and Perception

  • You'll learn identifying your brand influences other people's perception of you and how to use your brand mindset to stand out and get noticed.
  • You'll create an identity statement.

Workshop 2 — Personal Brand Value and Relevancy

  • You'll learn the difference between proving yourself and owning your authority and how to become immediately more relevant to others.
  • You'll create a positioning statement.

Workshop 3 — Personal Brand Image and Politics

  • You'll learn the difference between image and identity and how to use this knowing to be both authentic and effective in business.
  • You'll create a style guide.



Workshop 4 — Proactive Reputation Management

  • You'll learn what it means to balance your brand before making choices, evaluate 'fit' within a company or market environment and use a brand mindset to shift your focus and make an effective transition.
  • You'll learn how to self assess with clarity.

Workshop 5 — Your Power to Produce

  • You'll learn what it means to regulate your personal energy, why it's important in the modern business world and how mastering it is the secret to increasing your influence.
  • You'll learn to measure your self efficacy and create an action plan for improvement.

Workshop 6 — Radically Distinct Brand Voice

  • You'll learn an introduction to the four ‘self’ muscles, how to use them to reclaim your voice, get out of your comfort zone and be boldly in action.
  • You'll create a confidence building exercise plan.

Radically Distinct Life Coaching

For Women


Over the past Few years...

I've worked with dozens of women on their careers and businesses. During that time, the women who experience the most success were willing to discuss and explore how their desires in their personal lives' helped or hindered their ability to manifest what they want professionally.

Some examples: 

  • A woman struggling with respect in the boardroom was stuck in an unfulfilling relationship with a man who didn't really see her.
  • A woman struggling to make sales in her business had closed herself off to support from her husband, family and personal network because she felt like a failure.
  • A woman struggling to commit to changing her career path was having a hard time getting intimate with her husband and didn't know how to have fun in her own body.

As a woman myself, I know first hand how easy it easy to bury myself in my work and help others instead of focusing on the bigger picture of what I truly want. It's easier because it doesn't require me to change my behaviors.

When I focus on the bigger picture of what I want, I'm forced to get honest with myself about whether or not my day to day actions are aligned to what my heart is pulled towards. It forces me to prioritize my goals. And, that's hard because it requires me to say 'no' to things I used to say 'yes' to. To do that, I need new behaviors. Behaviors that feel foreign and awkward. Behaviors that feel inauthentic to who I am because who I am needs to change.

The Radically Distinct Life Coaching program is different than other coaching programs for one reason, I don't believe in limiting beliefs. Your beliefs are based on your experiences. Considering them limiting beliefs detaches you from your emotions and diminishes your power. You need both to find your voice and show up in the world authentically.

The RAD Method™ helps you identify the underlying premise that drives your decisions. That premise is your identity. Your identity is an honest assessment of who you believe you are. Most of us don't know how to listen to our own assessments because we are so used to trying to live into other people's ideas of what success is and who we are supposed to be in the world. The problem with that strategy is that you have no way to know when you are on course or not.

Most coaching programs focus on helping you find your own answers. While I believe that ultimately you are the only one who can create what you want. I don't believe that leading you to your own answers is the most effective role for a coach. 

As your coach, I'm going to give you a business perspective on the value of your identity, new vocabulary for talking to and about yourself. This builds your self confidence and opens you up to perceive what you want. From here, I will help you prioritize your goals and create strategies that empower you to play to your strengths. I will challenge the ideas you hold as most important, encourage you step forward into the world as your most powerful and support you to build the confidence and courage to so.



Fit to Communicate

How to Get Heard in a Noisy World by Jenn Morgan

It doesn’t matter what your status, walk of life or income bracket, technology has infiltrated all our lives and created a wedge between us and our connections with each other. While marketers will tell you to shorten your message into bite-sized chunks for different platforms and communication styles, Jenn Morgan says, “if you’re not fit to communicate in the modern market, then it’s all essentially a waste of time.” This white paper reveals the underlying mechanics behind an effective message and how to use them to get your point across amid all the distractions.