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Brand Strategy Consulting Services:

I’m someone who doesn’t do well with self-promotion and I was skeptical about the whole idea of personal branding because it just seems ‘fake’. Jenn brought home to me that if I identify my value and brand myself as such, it will make it easier to actually ‘be’ the person I am and make my overall career path easier. I like the idea of seeing myself as a business and branding myself in order to stay true to who I am,
what I’m good at & what I actual add value to.
Senior Engineering Manager, Cisco Systems Inc.

“When Jenn put me in front of a crowd and made me do monkey moves, I didn’t understand why she was doing that but shortly after I realized that I was naturally more confident standing and just speaking because after such moves everything else is a piece of cake! Now, every time when speaking in front of a crowd that I’m nervous of, I just think of that moment and everything else feels easy!”
Advisory Manager at Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Jenn Morgan has a rare talent and unique eye for observing what I’m working on and a way of articulating it that creates structure to move forward powerfully with my brand. Her ideas are both highly imaginative and strongly formatted to execute right away, which I appreciate. We’ve drastically increased engagement in our outbound marketing & PR efforts and we’ve quadrupled my teams ability to bring new leads into an initial sales conversation.
CEO Vision Quest Consulting, Boston, MA