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When I met Wendy she had just been through a ton of rebranding with another firm and she was trying to figure out how to apply her new identity to her business operations.

After auditing the state of her brand, I found that she had a positioning statement for herself as an industry leader, but she hadn't defined the value proposition to back up her claim. Without the business perspective on who you are as a brand, it's nearly impossible to make decisions on how to shape your communication around that brand.

The following is how got the word out about her brand.

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First, I created a positioning strategy and statement for the business:

Vision Quest Consulting

Leadership Development Firm for Top Talent


This strategy became the underlying premise that shaped every decision we made going forward.

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Next, I developed a character concept for Wendy's personal brand: 

Shaman of the Leaders

I think of creative concepts as motivational secrets. We use these to set the emotional tone and style of communication. This concept makes it possible for me to translate her vision consistently to different teams communicating on behalf of the brand. It also makes it easier for me to write speeches and briefs in her voice.

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Then, I defined the key differentiating factors that sets her apart from others in her field: 

  1. Best Selling Author of Your Next Bold Move for Women
  2. Host of a Women's Leadership Retreat for the past 9 years
  3. Internationally Recognized Hall of Fame Coach
  4. Team consists of 40+ expert consultants & trainers worldwide
  5. Media presence (to be created this year)

I turned these core differentators into leadership success stories that became the foundation for all communication around her brand.

She didn't have the media presence she wanted so we made it our big picture focus for 2015:

Build Brand Awareness for Wendy Capland

as the face of the Vision Quest Consulting brand

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How we implemented

I worked with Wendy over the next year and half as her brand advisor. We wrote all kinds of things together such as, executive briefings for teams, speeches and email campaigns.

I designed a Promotional PDF for the PR team with her as the face of her brand. My goal was to merge her personal and corporate brand identities together into one message that influenced decision makers in television, magazines, industry conferences and HR departments to choose Wendy Capland as their expert guest, keynote speaker, featured speaker and contributing author.

These are the results of our work:

  • Television
    • 4 times on FOX and CNN
  • Print & Online Magazines
    • INC.com -15 times (2015-2016)
    • Fast Company
    • Entrepreneur Magazine
    • Success Magazine
    • Monthly contributor to Canada’s largest newspaper, Globe & Mail
    • Cover of Forbes (next month)
  • Speaking Engagements
    • Harvard University 11th Annual Women’s Intercollegiate Business Convention
    • WFF Women’s Food Service Annual Leadership Conference 2016
    • Center for Women & Enterprise 2014
    • Genentech Women’s Leadership Forum
    • Vision Quest Consulting’s Annual Women’s Leadership Retreat
  • Website traffic to VisionQuestConsulting.com
    • Up 77% from 2014
    • Top landing pages – "women's retreats"
  • Website traffic to WendyCapland.com
    • Up 589% from 2014
    • Organic visits from “women / leadership” related searches
  • Women's Leadership Retreat Event 2015
    • Enrollment up 20%


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