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Jenn Morgan has a rare talent and unique eye for observing what I’m working on and a way of articulating it that creates structure to move forward powerfully with my brand. Her ideas are both highly imaginative and strongly formatted to execute right away, which I appreciate. Now I stand out even more boldly and uniquely in a crowded marketplace.
— Wendy Capland, CEO Vision Quest Consulting, Boston, MA
I have Jenn there to capture, encapsulate and order what we are talking about in a way that allows me to be in my creative flow. She is great at creating the structure, container and the format for me to step into and articulate the real value of what I’m creating for people. Her organic clarification processes have been tremendously helpful in preparation for the Wealthy Visionary conference, The Meaning Institute and my new book. Working with her has clarified and strengthened the unique value of my brand. Jenn Morgan is beyond brilliant—and you can quote me on that!
— Marcia Wieder, CEO of Dream University, Beverly Hills, CA


When I realized I had something to offer a broader audience, I had no idea what it meant to have a brand or niche. Many people could have helped me dig deeper into myself, but Jenn has this laser ability to strip away and say, This is it. I’m giving the largest training I’ve ever done to 400 people about the very thing she saw in me. I see a direct line between Jenn seeing it and me manifesting this experience. Everywhere I go, I’m amplifying my core essence (that she uncovered) and people are having this incredible transformational experience.
—Jeanne Supin, Change Management Consultant, Boone, NC