1 Simple Strategy To Improve Your Marketing That Is Actually Free

One of the things I do is consult on business and individual marketing regimen. I’m always surprised to find out how many seasoned business professionals do not do this one simple strategy on a weekly or monthly basis. It doesn’t cost anything and it can be done on a good old fashioned excel spreadsheet.

Ready for it?

Track your sales and marketing activity. These are your key performance indicators.

Ever wonder if that networking event or board position is actually paying off? Track the number of leads that originate from those sources.

Not sure where to best allocate resources for your quarterly marketing efforts? Review your numbers across the sales pipeline to identify areas where your conversion rate needs a boost.

In this video, I walk you through the metrics I track weekly and monthly.

These are the same things I instruct my clients to track and it informs what we do with their marketing year after year.

This will give you a head start.

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