Seven Critical Strategies for Profitable Marketing

If you want market to consistently key up sales then you need to align your marketing activity with your business goals. To do that, you need a strategy. Without one you are likely creating a bunch of content without any real purpose. This is a waste of time, energy and money.

One of the challenges with developing a profitable marketing program is determining which strategy or combination strategies you need to be successful. To help with that I made this video to outline the seven critical strategies that you need to create a profitable marketing program.

Strategy 1 - Business Strategy is the highest level of goal setting and prioritization to figure out how to allocate time, energy and resources. It sets the tone and course for the overall business.

Strategy 2 - Brand Strategy is a long term plan for how to establish and evolve a brand to achieve the business vision. It helps you own your position in the market place and attract the right customers.

Strategy 3 - Integrated Marketing Strategy figures out how to create a unified, cohesive message across all channels and teams.

Strategy 4 - Digital Marketing Strategy is a how to adopt technology to communicate with your customers and deliver services on demand and at scale.

Strategy 5 - Channel Strategy aims to figure out the best way to expose product and services to your ideal customers. Direct to consumer or value added reseller? That’s what we figure out here.

Strategy 6 - Campaign Strategy is a path to victory driven by who is most likely to buy and why are they likely to do so. This is about prioritizing the right customer groups to spend your marketing dollars on.

Strategy 7 - Content Strategy helps you figure out how to segment your message across the customer journey.

There you have it. The 7 Critical Strategies for Profitable Marketing Program. I go into more detail in each one in the video, so make sure to check it out.

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