Forecast vs. Results: How To Close The Gap


Forecast vs. Results: How To Close The Gap

It's spring here in Seattle and that means... it's time to get super effective at work so that I can make time to enjoy the summer weather. You too?

Increasing effectiveness means closing the gap between forecasted results and actual results. How do you do this? 

First, you need to know your enemy....

The nemesis of effectiveness is multi-tasking.  It's really easy to find yourself overwhelmed and unsatisfied when you try to get everything done. What if everything is never done? In fact, what the heck is everything anyway? It's NOT(a)thing you can do. 

Second, you need to focus.

Effectiveness comes from focusing on one thing at at time and that includes spending time on the big picture. In this case: Creating more free time to enjoy the summer without sacrificing my goals. 

As I mention in the show, How To Maximize Your Power To Produce Results, the fastest way to achieve any goal is to track your actions. The process of figuring out what actions you can track naturally focuses your attention on what you can and cannot control. What you can control can be improved. If you try to control what you can't, then you'll be full of anxiety and no fun to hang out with this summer. 

If you could use some help getting more effective with your time, so that you can (fill in the blank) then these 3 radio shows are a great place to start.

Performance is the 5th pillar of The RAD Method. In this show I cover what brand power is, how to say and do the right things at the right time to create the results you intend and how to close the gap between forecasted and actual results.

A performance strategy is a methodical approach for how to incrementally improve your skills at executing a plan. It’s built off an assessment and is uber important when it comes to keeping yourself engaged in your program. 

Whether trying to attract new clients, a new job or a life partner, the only way to improve your results is to track them. In this episode of Radically Distinct Radio, I go over the two aspects of a plan that are directly tied to implementation and what to focus on to improve your performance. 

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