Marketing Design: Key To Capturing Market Share

While it may seem that everyone is using digital media to promote themselves and their businesses, many established business leaders are still sitting on the sidelines. They may engage in a Google Ad Words campaign and have an SEO enabled site, but many are not contributing their personhood or brand story online. This is, in part, because many Boomers believe that business is done in private rooms with a handshake. However, studies show that is no longer the case in many industries and especially in professional services. (I talk more about this in the video.)

That creates a giant opportunity for new competitors to win market share. It's also a great opportunity for emerging leaders to gain more influence within the company. We wrote a marketing parable about this called, "The Tale Of Two Dogs." It's mid-section of this article: Marketing Design: Navigating The Journey From Unknown To Known

My point is that if there was ever a time to take social media seriously, now is that time. The market has changed and if you want to have success, how you show up has to change too. The more stuck in your ways, the less you're able to change.

Don't get left behind. Instead, get ahead of the curve by embracing new media, and specifically social selling, while many of your competitors are still sitting on the sidelines. 

Check out my latest video on this topic: Key To Capturing Market Share

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