Interviews Of The Sirens Of Seattle Co-Hosts -- 2018


In business, a siren is a woman who brings people together to get things done. She is a business leader, deal maker, and community builder. Loved and feared in reality as in folklore, this powerful woman has often been misunderstood. The Sirens Of Seattle exists to empower the thoughts, ideas, and ambitions of women in business. We aim to work together to amplify the voices and support the leadership efforts of one another and the women within our communities so that we can boost our economy, improve our institutions, and create prosperity.

Co-hosts of The Sirens Of Seattle for 2018

Dr. Sarah Myhre

Dr. Sarah Myhre is a scientist and public advocate for human rights, as well as a grass-roots organizer, writer, and consultant. She is a national leader in climate science communication, and an unapologetic advocate for women in leadership. Indeed, she is a very difficult woman, with a dream of building a society lead by other difficult, passionate, and caring women. Dr. Mhyre was named one of Seattle's most influential people by Seattle Business Magazine.

Susan Gellatly

Susan Gellatly is a leadership and executive coach who was an IT executive at The Boeing Company for the last 10 years of her tenure. She has successfully navigated both a male-dominated company and a male-dominated industry and has focused her coaching practice to support professional women to excel in the corporate world.

Katrina Eileen Romatowski

Katrina Romatowski's drive for purpose is equal to her drive for profit. As the Founder of Katrina Eileen SPC, she has created a company with an uncommon commitment in the real estate industry. Her brokerage firm and the brokers who hang their license with Katrina Eileen have aligned with the United Nations 2030 first Sustainable Development Goal; to eliminate poverty. They believe our community is no place for poverty to reside, and have a vision for how to use the power of the RE industry to build stronger communities. 

Kari Owens

Kari Owens helps women put themselves first and reconnect with their body. She's helped thousands of women develop a deeper relationship with themselves and a greater understanding of how to live from a place of abundance. Discover how Kari can help you put yourself first at

Jenn Morgan (that's me)


Jenn Morgan is a marketing engineer and brand designer on a mission to defend the universe from mediocre marketing by empowering people and brands to be Radically Distinct. Find out how her agency, Radically Distinct, can help your firm with strategic marketing, brand building, sales acceleration, or a complete digital marketing transformation. Connect with Jenn Morgan on LinkedInFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

The Sirens Of Seattle Launch Will Raise Money For Puerto Rico Relief Efforts. 

Jan. 18, 2018 -- Women of Seattle’s business community to convene at The Columbia Tower Club, 7AM-9AM. All proceeds will help hurricane relief. Get your tickets at Eventbrite. Read our press release.